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Canaan Online

Canaan Online

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  gPotato
Developer:  XPEC Entertainment
Genre:  fantasy

Canaan Online is a browser-based anime style browser game developed by XPEC Entertainment and published by gpotato. The game has achieved fairly positive recognition in the Chinese market since it was released in China in 2008. Although a game taking “battle” as one of its main themes, Canaan Online has proved itself to be relatively relaxing and entertaining.


Believe it or not, you will be pleasantly surprised at the visual enjoyment from up-to-date clothes and hairstyles of the characters as well as their arresting expressions the moment you log in this game.

The game is set in a manga-based fantasy world to which its residents escaped from their former land through the magical Sacred Gate. You may start with creating an avatar which is to the core up to your determination. Four classes are presented for you to make a choice from, namely, magas, warriors, archers and priests. Magas usually approach with storms of incisive ice or glowing fire balls which show their overwhelming power; however, their fragile physical quality requires exceptional protection. Warriors, as the name implies, are the lionhearted fighters who always rush to the forefront on the battlefield, but one tip for you to bear in mind is that they are vunerable to magic power. Archers are proficient in giving the opponents fatal attacks from a remote distance with their striking agility and accuracy. Priests are veiled with magic charm.

Undoubtedly, they are VIPs in any team for their mighty power to provide constant assistance to their friends and constant strikes to their foes.
After your character is settled, a series of dungeons and quests will be waiting for you up front. Pets at this time may be of good use. You get pets by capturing and training various creatures in this vigorous world, each being endowed with its unique capacity and skills.

Similarly, pets are divided into four patterns: attack, defense, possession and rest. While three pets should be assigned with tasks respectively according to the first three patterns, the rest of the pets would be ranged to the fourth. So, pick up your “right-hands pets” and confront courageously all the challenges.

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