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Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Release Date:  March 2012
Publisher:  King.com
Developer:  King.com
Genre:  Puzzle

Candy Crush Saga is the latest puzzle game pertaining to the traditional match-and-vanish arcade style. However, the game is entirely different from the traditional match-3 games, in which new blocks keep falling down from top and you need to rotate them with the aim of creating a horizontal or vertical line of at least 3 blocks with the same color. Instead, in this game, you are provided with different gridded boards filled with candies of various shapes, and you swap two adjacent candies to solve the puzzling objectives to go through different challenges.


In Candy Crush Saga, you complete each level by achieving different objectives and thereby you proceed to the next. Initially, these objectives just require you to score a certain amount of points within limited moves. They are very easy, because there’s no time limit. Moreover, if you spend too much time planning your next move, the game will even automatically provide a random hint: A potential match will flash.

However, as you proceed through levels, you will gradually find the challenge of the game: some levels require you to remove all scattered jelly candies; some levels may include ingredients like cherry and nut, you need to bring down those ingredients to the bottom row of the board. In these cases, it would be much wiser for you not to use those random hints; instead, you will have to use your brain to find the right matches.

Besides, “special candies” is an interesting twist that enables players to build up chains to rack up more scores. There are some kinds of special candies in the game. Basically, you can make a special candy by matching candies in certain shapes: For example, if you manage to match 4 candies of pink color, you will get a pink-striped candy; then, if you later match this pink-striped candy to other normal pink candies, it will result in a “super blast”, causing all the other candies in the same vertical and horizontal line vanishing. Others special candies like plastic-wrapped candies or chocolate balls dotted with colored stuff also require unique match patterns and cause different effects. This feature gives veteran players strategic edge and can be very helpful in those levels in which players are given very limited moves.

Like most other puzzle games, the game also comes with various power-ups which help you achieve your level objectives much faster. Such as Extra Moves, and Lillipop Hammer, which you use to break a designated candy, causing all the other candies above in the same vertical line sinking. They are gradually accumulated during the course of the game, of course, are available for premium players.

Speaking of the energy system, Candy Crush Saga provides each player with 5 lives with the regeneration rate of every 30 minute, which means you only lose life when you fail to clear a level. So unless you doesn’t play puzzle game like this genre well and you lose five times in a row in 20-30 minutes (let’s say, 4-6 minutes per game), you will never run out of lives. So the game is a great pastime because you hardly need to worry about the nasty energy problem.

Overall, Candy Crush Saga is an addictive puzzle game in which you are actually glued to the thinking of the next appropriate move. One of the greatest aspects of this game is that you are not usually disturbed for energy shortage, which is the case in most of the Facebook games. So you are bound to stay hooked to it for consecutive hours. Anyhow, the game is simple but not easy, if you are someone who is a match-3 puzzle fan, this game is a must try.

169 Comments on Candy Crush Saga


  1. butterflies27 says:

    I love the game but its very frustrating havent been able to play in 2 days it wont load pass 91%

  2. judy says:

    I was playing this game and loving it…….i went to play and the app was gone from my facebook page …..im not happy i was doing so will. now i cant even get back into the app to play anymore…..very upsetting

  3. Vikki says:

    How many emails does one have to send before you fix the problem you want people to play, but you obviously are not listening to your mishaps! people are having problems loading and trying to send requests for extra lives! my son is having problems going to a higher level where you need three friends, he puts the requests through but want let you send it —- fix your program or you will start loosing peoples interest in your game

  4. brian davey says:

    this app will not load past 99%. I cleared cache and deleted history with no result. What a waste of deleting my info. I am not happy and there are a lot more people not happy as well. Please do something, it is your responsibility. Thank you

  5. Leanora Lightburne says:

    I am i level 6? & i don't understand how the discs work or what to do to get past them to make the chocolate disappear. Would you please give me a little info on these levels. I am getting frustrated withe these levels.

  6. Pat Larkin says:

    I am having the same problem…will not load at all for the past 2 days! I'm at level 100 and I'll be pretty upset if I lose my place! I've tried everything, but nothing works! Please help!

  7. TheresaTeee says:

    Game just wont load, and cant find any information. This game was becoming a favorite, even got a few friends to play, but now who can be bothered when it wont load at all.

  8. Niamh says:

    I have reached level 28 and cannot get into it or any other level. The dragon in the lake is in tears and I got the message 'the lake is out of lemonade! Please help I really enjoy this game!!!

  9. sonya says:

    i got 2 level 43 n when it says play,it keeps going back 2 the map.i cant play any levels.wut is going on.3 days now.luv the game but lets c if you fix the prob or ignore all of us.
    i also removed the app n reloaded,and it put me back at level 43 but wont let me play still.

  10. Heather Vela says:

    ughhh my game won't load – only hits 77% and never progresses past that point. Been this way for about 5 days!!!

  11. Colette Obray says:

    On facebook candy crush will not display the last row of game board

  12. donna says:

    well im stuck in level 35 i got the score cleared the jelly then it says asks firnds for help which i did 2 responded u need 3 so now im stuck playing level 35 over and over cant go any further

  13. William Camp says:

    Why the pop ups during the game. I lose lives and any purchase I made. This is an attempt to sell ads in your game it is very bad idea.

  14. kristy says:

    plsss help me…it wont load,only 93%,does anyone have an idea or experienced it?help me fix it please..tnx

  15. diane says:

    i am unable to collect items sent by friends 🙁

  16. lily says:

    i need help getting past level 65….any ideas???

  17. Simona Fuchsová says:

    Dobrý den, po 140 levlu dále hra nejde? Projela jsem level a objevil se mi černý klíč ve žlutém poli a dále mě to nepustí. Prosím o radu. Děkuji. Simča

  18. Sharon L says:

    level 29 how do you get the lemonade lake filled up?

  19. Pam Melton says:

    Will not work correctly…..

  20. judt steger says:

    I am on level 16, been playing this level for 2 weeks now i cant get through it . what am i doing wrong?

  21. cheryl says:

    How many times do you have to complete level 20 to move on.

  22. Lori says:

    is candy crush not working at all now

  23. Anna Whittle says:

    Knock on wood, I have had no issues at all loading this game. I am on level 75 and I can't figure out how to not lose all the friends lives I receive at the beginnings of play when your heart is already full? I just received 11 lives and got credit for none of them. Happens every time I play. I am so frustrated with this.

  24. tina perry says:

    love the game wont play goes from game board o play and back wont open to play the game please fix been 3 days thank you

  25. tina perry says:

    just went to see if it was working yet now only going to 53 % please fix

  26. tina perry says:

    game still not loading is anyone going to fix it please

  27. tina perry says:

    i got home today let me play then went back to not loading again

  28. Shy says:

    How many boards is this game go up to???

  29. Municipal says:

    Damn dat game.Just damn dat sh*t

  30. tina perry says:

    still waiting for you to fix the loading will not tried evert thing please fix

  31. rhona atkins says:

    not been able to load for 3 days 95% and freezes.

  32. t phillps says:

    on level 165 now my game wont load stuck on 100% i have done every thing to try and solve this other members of the family can play theres on my lap top so it not that. HELP SORT IT OUT AND FIX GAME ISSUES

  33. CharMel Fowler says:

    Why can't I purchase ANYTHING? I can't even ask friends for help. If I point on any request nothing happens. Are my settings wrong?

  34. Gladys Blanchard says:

    keep getting Error 1009 no matter what level I try to play….what's up with that?

  35. tinamarie says:

    the candy crush game has not worked for me for 2 days now, everytime i hit the button that says play i get a screen saying error 1009 what the heck does that mean?????? i am not happy right now i paid good money to play this game if i do not receive and email back within 24 hrs i will be contacting the b.b.b. n report you, you basically took my money n now i can't play. email me back a.s.a.p. TinaMHendron@gmail.com

  36. Caroline says:

    candy crush saga not loading past 65%..Why???

  37. Annette Johnson says:

    I am on level 31 and cannot figure out how it goes, could someone explain it to me please!

  38. jackie says:

    Love the game but cant find anyone to get me to the next level. Can some one please help

  39. theresa day says:

    cant get game to ask for extra life

  40. paulo says:

    I am at level 135 and i do not understand the goal og this level. "switch wrapped candies for other wrapped candies". Can anybody help me???

  41. Mary says:

    I am at level 20 and cannot get to the next level. I reach the number of points and it keeps stating level completed, but will not go to 21. Can anyone help?

  42. melizamarteja says:

    how to make a wrapped candies easily?

  43. wilma says:

    Can't get it to load past 22% can someone please help.

  44. jane debose says:

    having problems playing candy crush saga, it will not load onto my computer

  45. Raymond Vick says:

    love the game but it will not load or open to play please fix

  46. KitCat says:

    How do you get the heart that is next to everyones name?

  47. Becky says:

    I have been getting request for days w/ extra lives but not able to play them, this is getting really frustrating, it is a waste of time to accept or send them because you don't let us play them.

  48. kim says:

    It's been several weeks, I still can't load the game….was my favorite game. I wish they would get it fixed so it would load.

  49. susan says:

    whatever happened to the videos you could watch to see how to play a level? I cannot find it anywhere. I am on Level 181 and this level is challenging but I need a few tips!!

  50. Annette says:

    What is wrong with this game, I enjoyed it so much and got hooked and now can not even get into the game at all, it says loading and then never comes up !!!!!

  51. Sara foley says:

    This is sooo irritating why all of a sudden the game won't load is frustrating u should be providing people with credit for the inconvenience

  52. karen says:

    How can I move on to level 36 after completing level 35 without asking for friends help?

  53. Holly says:

    question…. what is the jelly? when it says to clear all the jellies/

  54. Annette says:

    having same prob….i need my three friends to help me move onto the next level…the request doesn't go through…please fix this glitch or tell us how to fix it.

  55. debbie says:

    for the past 3 weeks approximately it is frozen at 29%

  56. Mary Blumreich says:

    Level 97 is so incredibly hard to pass I don't know how people do it but they do. There are no magic tricks to passing any of these levels just persistence, persistence and luck, luck, luck.

  57. jacqueline Pineo says:

    I am on game 98 and it stops playing before I get to use all 40 tries, I can't win the game on 10 tries, whats up with that!!?????

  58. Ellie McConnell says:

    On level 30 of app on iPad. I run out of turns BEFORE all the "ingredients" even appear!! NOT FAIR!!! Very hard to get rid of them if they never appear on board!

  59. Sam says:

    I'm on level 122 there is no way to make a line of three or more however it won't shuffle so I'm stuck and can't play, please tell me how to fix it.

  60. Linda says:

    This game is nothing but a ripoff. You don't get to use the extra lives that others send you and they just want your money to pass the level that most of the time you are stuck on and they want you to buy boosts, lives and moves. The prices are high and in this economy this is throwing your money out the window. I have created a Boycott page. Please complain if you agree, they need to stop what they are doing. It makes no sense.

  61. sdg says:

    I can't get past level 35 and I'm very frustrated and fixing to deleted this game. I get down to 1 jelly and I can never get passed it. I've been on this lever for over a week and am about done with it.

  62. sharon says:

    please help me…I cant get past 35…I pass the level but it wont let me go on to 36..do you have to buy something to move on>?

  63. Linda says:

    what the hell is wrong with these games candy crush saga is stuck for over a week on level 35 and no one can help and tell me how to fix this

  64. Paula says:

    I can't get the game to load on my computer, only my iphone. It's very annoying. I've tried three different browsers. Please fix this!!!!

  65. ling says:

    Please help me to pass level 20

  66. Bella says:

    I'm beginning to think this game like many other things in life is all about how much your willing. It's suppose to be a game, some sort of amusement. I fully understand skill levels and I fully expect not to complete a level on the first try. . . HOWEVER WITH THAT SAID .. . . there is no reason that anyone playing a game should be unable to move on for more than 5, 10 15, 20, 30 , 40 etc . . . because they can't complete the level. Pop-ups appear often asking if you want to BUY more moves. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. Several times you lose a level because of one intentional jelly not clearing. The game claims if you get three of the same color you clear a jelly!!! Ummm untrue statement. on numerous attempts I have matched 3 and 4 colors and no square (jelly) clears at all. Does anyone else wonder why this is. Are those of you moving on to higher levels buying extra moves, colored bombs, etc . . . or are you really just lucky? I am truly curious. Thanks

  67. Jayne says:

    I'm at level 213 for Candy Crush & there is no sound at all. What happen?

  68. Wendy Hodom says:

    [E-Error= Unexpected end of input] Keep getting this error message and takes away life even though wont allow me tp play getting aggravated been doing this for 2 days now at level 148 hate to have to change to a different game now!!

  69. maren says:

    won't load past 100% for past 2 days. am on level 68 and am getting very frustrated

  70. Nancy Davis says:

    Will not let me move to next level, i have gotten all three stars in level 29 in candy crush saga but it will not leyt me move!!! Why???????????????? Frustrated with the game.

  71. Cora I. says:

    Have been playing Level 21 for more than 2 weeks now and still can't get to the next level. My new problem is, the webpage. It does not display the webpage. Please help!

  72. Kelly Donato says:

    Mine is at 100% but stops right there…won't load…

  73. Aimo says:

    Level 313. never had any problems till today, loads up to 29% and stops. have put a lot of time into this game.

  74. kiko says:

    estoy en el nivel 308 y no veo el final del juego. cuantos niveles me faltan?

  75. augene loton says:

    won't let me get past 64%….tried most things. Don't know what to do now

  76. Lelia says:

    Just spins with my picture at my level and won't let me play.

  77. shanda says:

    I want to know why when friends send me extra lives, they are never added to my account through the Facebook website, however people that play on their phones get their extra lives posted to the game

  78. steevia says:

    Often, when I match 3 candies, the jellies do not clear. Why not? This doesn't make sense to me. It is very frustrating. I am on level 65 and getting disgusted with this game. So far my strategy has been to clear the chocolates first, then work on clearing the jellies. I've gotten to clear all but 1 or 2 at the end. But, I've been stuck on this level for over a week. Are there any other strategies or thoughts from you guys out there? Some help would be appreciated.

  79. Amelia Jones says:

    When I get a free life from a friend, it never increases the number of lives I have remaining. Where are they?

  80. CHERYL DAGAN says:


  81. helen black says:

    candy crush saga want load

  82. Linda Rosenthal says:

    I have completed Level 20 zillions of times but I don't advance. I am about to give up this game

  83. Carol Fraracci says:

    My saga is loading to 29% and quits!!Very frustrating. Are you going to fix these bugs??

  84. SanG says:

    won't load past 29%…………..what's goin' on? and why isn't anyone from King games responding????

  85. PEN says:

    it doesn't make a difference which browser I use, IE, google chrome, mozilla firefox they all stick at 29% loading been doing this for the past 7 hours, what the heck is going on?

  86. Sally Demartino says:

    Help so I can see my scores. My score never comes up like everyone else does. Help fix it please. Candy Crush Saga game.

  87. yvonne says:

    wont load past 93

  88. Mothertazz says:

    My game is taking away my extra lives and sometimes when one comes in it disappears

  89. Roslyn Cop says:

    Can't get past level 38 haven't cleared the gels yet but have gotten points over & above 40,000.

  90. jessica matherly says:

    I did the update today,and now i cant even play.im on levrl 79.im going crazy not being able to play.just crashes wont even open when it says loading.please fix

  91. Tina says:

    I want to know why candy crush only lets you play 5 games? Hows come it doesn,t give you the extra lives that people send ya? It doesn,t make sense. I think it,s stupid:)

  92. Brenda says:

    Please tell me… if I purchase to unlock a level, I still have to purchase or ask friends for lives to play?

  93. amanda mitchell says:

    constantly getting error 1007 what causes it please?

  94. Michelle says:

    I am having trouble with CCS. I keep getting a message that I need to download on an upgrade of Flash Player. I did that, and CCS won't load at all; I keep getting the same message!

  95. christy says:

    y wont it load pass 21%? I updated flash, cleared cache

  96. mayra says:

    Everytime u guys update my candy crush.u take all the lives I have saved up.and eveytime my friends send me tickets to unlock the next episodes they never show up in my gifts.I am on level 320.and I am ready to quit cause between ur updated deleting my guys and not receiving my gift.its extremly frustrating

  97. eli says:

    frustrated, I got 194,00 points in level 23 and can't go any further just says zero, try again!!!It said all you need is 60,000 to get to the next level??

  98. sickofgamemike says:

    this is suppose to be a game of skill, but game 45 only lets you play what it wants, fuck you candy crush. play fair

  99. Bette says:

    I am trying to get into next level to play 81 but the lives I accept or not showing up in the frames to get into next level

  100. Lorrie Donovan says:

    Asking for frriends for requests
    always says I have an error

  101. quiero que el candy crush responda pero no lo hace quisiera si lo arreglan porfavor

  102. Stephy in Va says:

    I was on Level 65 & was stuck for about 2 weeks. I did not open for a couple of days, when I finally opened it would not connect w/ my FaceBook keeps saying data connection problem. I called my carrier & was told 2 contact FaceBook. Contacted FB, saying it’s the game itself..so frustrated. Now I’m getting lives sent from my friends on FB but can’t play because Candy Crush will not connect..Even tried uninstalling app, still will not work.. very sad & very frustrated, I see I’m not the only one experiencing this…PLEASE FIX!!

  103. Wanda White says:

    Will not load after 4%, What is the problem???

  104. Niky says:

    UGH every time there is an update I lose my lives!!! I had 75 now after updating the app 10 minutes ago, I have 4!!! This is the 5 th time this has happened and no one from candy crush or king, gives your lives back 🙁 very sad and frustrated!!!!

  105. dian weaver says:

    I cant play candy saga on my computer or on my sisters. she can play, but when I log into mine, I cant play. I get an error #1009

  106. tgray says:

    Candy crush error 1007

    Candy crush is not loading, i keep getting error 1007? – For 2days the game is not loading, it keep saying error 1007 is found ::

  107. Shari says:

    Level 31 – I get that you match the bottom jellies, but how to the top jellies go away? I keep matching below the top jellies rarely go away.

  108. Jan Saylor says:

    This is the second day now that candy crush will not load, it is only loading to 14 %, can you fix this, thank you so much, I feel so grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr inside. Help.

  109. Debra Thornburg says:

    Level wont go past 66%…???…Help

  110. Frankie says:

    I keep getting error 1009

  111. Linda Kaldi says:

    Please fix as it will not load pass 39% Does anyone read this to fix problem?????

  112. mary says:

    my candy crush saga will not load but did before..very maddening

  113. Ivette Martinez says:

    I love this game, it does not load, fix it please…

  114. roberta ambrose says:

    candy crush going very slow can you delete game and start again without going back to level one

  115. diane ellis adcock says:

    I cannot receive lifes to unlock the next episode.my friends have sent the wen ive ;ask friends; but im only receiving extra moves.i have received unlock lifes from 2 friends but 3 have sent more and they are not appearing.please help.im on the verge of going mad ive waited that long.

  116. Paulette says:

    Candy crush won't open past 14% What do I do? I am on level 103 and don't want to start over.

  117. Holly Greathouse says:

    I am on level 340 and now it won't load past 14% please help!

  118. rhonda butcher says:

    cant get past 38percent loading getting very frustated

  119. Merle says:

    I've just completed level 215. Two friends have got me up to the next level and 3 friends have tried but it's just not working. I can still only get two friends – been stuck like this for 3 days now – please help

  120. Candy Crush Crazy says:

    Interesting that a good number of us are having problems with Candy Crush loading.. and not one person has come up with a fix yet! Seems like it might be a King games problem!

  121. Theresa Shallow says:

    My game on facebook (candy crush) won't load past 81%. I've deleted my cache and browsing history. I have no viruses.

  122. Shelly says:

    i have the same problem,i'm at level 92 and it won't download,stuck at polishing 87%….very frustrating.i sent a message re this and have had no reply….time to delete this game and get on with life!!!

  123. shailaja says:

    I was in 105 level iam surprised to see that I came bsck to very 1st level. This happened twice to me what's happening I dont understand pl tell me

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  128. This is pretty game. the latest version

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