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Candy Dream

Candy Dream

Release Date:  2011/5
Developer:  Toy Studio
Genre:  Social Game

Candy Dream is a world where the impossible is just the possible temporarily on hold. Play as an eccentric candy maker tasked with the monumental challenge of bringing happiness back to a world that is quickly running out of candy. You will have to help towns by selling them candy, while making a tidy profit through mastering the dynamic candy economy that fluctuates based on the actions of everyone playing the game.


  1. Harvest candy ingredients to create marvelous candy recipes.
  2. Discover new ideas that will lead to the invention of new candy recipes.
  3. Help friends tend their candy factories.
  4. Make extra profit on selling candy by paying attention to the dynamic candy economy.
  5. Customize your avatar and your factory with a myriad of options.

Candy Dream Reference Guide

Candy Dream is a magical land where planted crops candy plants that grow to life size proportions. Players take these crops and mix them with magical bits of meteor to create candy recipes so delicious it instantly makes people happy when they take a bite.

First Steps: Tutorial
Candy Dream will teach you the basics of playing. From creating an avatar to selling the first candy bar, you will be given the knowledge to succeed in Candy Dream. During the tutorial, you’ll meet Tucker. Tucker will help you every step of the way in Candy Dream.

Meet: Tucker
The eccentric bear is known throughout the world to be a helpful friend to whomever he thinks has the knack for creating candy. A candy maker himself, he doesn’t have any problems sharing a few secrets between friends, as long as it brings happiness to all.

Meet: The Maguffins

There aren’t enough hours in the day to create all the candy needed to supply the world with delicious candy. Maguffins are purple helpers that love candy and line up to work for popular candy makers.

Planning a Factory

When you start your quest to spread cheer and joy by making candy, you will be taken to your factory area. When you start, you’ll have 1 Chocolate Machine, 1 Warehouse, 8 Plots to place Candy Crops and tons of meteors.

• Chocolate Machine – This is where all chocolate recipes are made. It makes one chocolate candy at a time. To increase your chocolate production, build more machines.

• The Warehouse – Candy can be stored in large quantities, you just need the room. You start with a warehouse that is used to keep your ingredients safe until you are ready to create recipes or your created recipes safe until you sell them. The warehouse might store candy, but Maguffins are planning on expanding it to increase its functionality at a later time.

• Candy Crop Plots – This is fertile soil were candy crops can spring from the ground.

• Meteors – Meteors are the secret sauce to in every single recipe. Meteors can be found by chopping meteor trees or mining meteor rocks that fall out of the sky. Make sure to leave a little parcel of land undeveloped with machines or decorations so meteors will be able to grow/land!

Candy Making
There are different parts to making a candy recipe:

• Gathering Resources – To make a candy recipe, there are 3 types of things you need to be sure you have in order to make a recipe
Ideas – You need to be inspired to make some of the recipes. Anything you do can spark an inspiration so keeping active will keep the ideas flowing.
Meteors – Meteors are the secret ingredients to all candy recipes. You need to have the proper color and amount to make
Ingredients – The final ingredient to creating a delicious recipe is harvesting candy crops.

• Combining Resources – You need to put all your resources into a candy machine to make recipes. When the machine is done putting all the ingredients together, you’ll see a “Ready” sign, meaning it is time to pick up your creations.

• Selling Candy – If you run out of storage room, or want to net some profit to expand your repertoire of recipes, you’ll need to sell candy creations to stores in the towns that populate the world of Candy Dream. Each store will have different demand levels for your creations. The higher demand, the more money you make from each sale.

Low: You make the base amount of money for selling a candy creation

Medium: You gain a coin bonus

High: You gain a large coin bonus


Whenever you chop, mine, harvest or collect a created recipe, they will be sent to the warehouse. You start the game with 125 storage spaces and will need to add storage units when you start ramping up candy production. Adding Maguffins to these buildings and placing them near candy making machines will give production bonuses.

Candy Economy

When players go to sell candy in towns, they should check different stores to see who is buying candy at the highest prices.


If you want to be a big time candy maker, you’ll need to frequently head to town and sell your creations. Not only will this bring happiness to the people of Candy Dream, but you’ll make big money in the process. Be sure to check the demand of each creation so you’ll make the most money possible.

Candy Dream News

When you log out and come back to Candy Dream, you’ll see a newspaper that will show you the best deals of the day. You’ll also have access to the financial section that will tell you who are the top money earners. The Community Spotlight will feature information that candy makers can interact with.


Everyone starts off with a Chocolate Machine. Once you build a research lab, you’ll discover breakthroughs that will allow you to specialize in other types of candy (gum, chewy, hard…)

Beyond the Wrapper

Once you master creating and selling candy with an ever-expanding factory, there is more to see and do!

2 Comments on Candy Dream


  1. mary says:

    this game is not working for me please help me stop the maggamuffins from kicking the server

  2. Renee says:

    game is broken wont reload it repeats over and over again I have been trying to play for 3 weeks!

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