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Card Monsters

Card Monsters

Release Date:  May 2012
Publisher:  EdgebeeStudios
Developer:  EdgebeeStudios
Genre:  CCG

Card Monsters is an online collectible card game in which you choose a selection of hero cards and build your squad or deck to battle against other players or computer-controlled character cards. The game only available on Kongregate.com, is developed by EdgebeeStudios, which has published Swords & Potions, Critter Forge and a few other titles.


This is the first time I’ve ever truly enjoyed a card game. And I believe that’s because Card Monsters fuses card playing with role playing element and in that way makes itself unique and engrossing.

In the game, players are to explore various areas, each with several game rounds in which players will have to play against an opponent. At the beginning of each round, you select an ally to place in the middle position, click the battle button at the bottom and the first turn starts. If you still have enough crystals when a turn is finished, you are allowed to increase one or two allies, and apply a weapon or armor to your allies.

Ally cards vary in the damage they will cause and the total HP values they have. And the weapons and armors, which enhance specific traits of allies, cannot be used independently. For example, when you have enough crystals between turns, you may be able to use the Short Bow on Kurtey, and then Kurtey can cause 20 damages once it attacks an enemy instead of 10 as it originally does. Therefore, it seems natural that the ally cards and the weapon & armors are dealt separately in the game. Nevertheless, the equipment is not to be utilized randomly. The attributes of equipment and an ally must be consistent so that you could use it on the ally, which kind of borrows the essence of the common class-specific equipment application in most RPGs.

As you progress, you would defeat and collect more superior cards and could even have multiple hands at your disposal. And since you would have selected the hand before commencing any round, you know what cards you would have throughout the game round. The question would be, when the one you need at this very moment would come out anyway. There is this health potion which I have for long in the set of weapons and armors that is seldom available when I want it.

And the progress is not easy, especially when the opposing party has got allies of large amounts of HPs or those who can heal the team. Accordingly, one may have to repeat some rounds again and again until they achieve victories. With neither tips or enhancement they could resort to in such cases, they might have no choice but to return to previous rounds and grind to obtain experience.

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  1. JaTiMi says:

    i mast agree whit you best card game + nice graphic and balanced gameplay

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