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Carnage Racing

Carnage Racing

Release Date:  November, 2012
Publisher:  Jagex
Developer:  Jagex
Genre:  Racing

Carnage Racing is a fast-paced racing game where you can compete against a maximum of seven other players or just relish single-player challenges in Campaign mode.


What kind of racing game it would be if there were no racing car purchases and enhancements? Of course Carnage Racing does incorporate those things. And the racing itself is not just about simple starting, accelerating, and outpacing. Players have to deal with attacks from their competitors. I’m not talking about deliberately bumping into anyone’s car – some serious weapons are involved. You can equip your car with the most compelling weapon you can afford and deal as many damages as you like.

The best thing about Carnage Racing is that it offers the best racing experience, which is previously available only on console devices, on the highly accessible social network Facebook. The quality 3D pictures are destined to feast our eyes and multiply the fun.


Racing games tend to be much fiercer and more intense these days. They are not all about competing and finishing the laps. Calculated bumping and attacking have been added to make the racing experience a lot more exciting. Carnage Racing brings exactly that kind of experience to Facebook users.

Select your ride, choose the color and then you will go through a detailed tutorial about the weapons and a phase shift meter, and brief introductions to the controls. After that, you are directed to the Race page and are free to choose among the four available race modes. Specifically, you can participate in the matches against NPCs, achieve all the requirements to unlock more races; compete with up to seven players; race with your friends; or just finish the races and set records for your friends to challenge and see who can be the best.

That sounds fun. But the challenges are very demanding. In the campaign mode, you have to fulfill both goals to unlock the next race. And the goals are somewhat impossible in some cases, especially when you are a newbie player of this genre. Not that the controls are clumsy – they are more than fluid and it is more often than not that I turn the car, only to find it get out of the track, run into something or even fall off the road and then disappear in the flowing magma.

Matches in Carnage Racing are never peaceful. Watch out for the missiles, bullets, arrows or anything else that will deal damages on your ride, slow it down or even empty your phase shift meter. Avoid the cars which can also hit you and force you off the road.

One needs to be familiar with the track (or be really good at the racing thing), avoid attacks from other competitors, make a clever use of the phase shifts, and most importantly, stop themselves from running off the track in any possible way, so as to finish all the laps in specified time and rank 3rd or higher as the game requires.

That would be impossible for players who never use W, A, S and D keys in such real-time fast-paced competitions, given that there is no training mode or single player mode for them to get used to the controls and tracks.

Races in Carnage Racing are set by the sea, inside the cave or at the mountain foot. Whatever the scene is, you will always have something beautiful in view. However, the scenes vary only if you manage to unlock more, and if you fail on that, you will end up racing along the same track again and again and again. And compared with client-based titles of this genre, the game has got pictures which are much more simplified and when that is coupled with the third-person view, you will never take the racing as an enjoyable personal experience.

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  1. Comel says:

    i like cooking games but i don't like carnage racing games..

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