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Carte: Online TCG

Carte: Online TCG

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  GamesCampus
Developer:  Onnet

Carte is a fast paced global online trading card game where you can choose a Hero, build a deck and battle with your allies. The game is developed by Korea-based Onnet. Unlike TCG Sword Girls, Carte requires you to download a client before accessing the game.

The online trading card game Carte saves you out of the flush hack and slam MMOs, and leads you into a fantastic and magical world abundant in different cards with a wide range of spells and creatures. Build your own decks and try your fortune now!

Ingratiating images and highly recognizable drawings make for an authentic card trading atmosphere. There are five fractions competing for supremacy, and thus a wide selection from different playable styles is available. You can choose to be a part of the forces of nature or heaven, or to be enrolled to the loyal or the dark.

It is obvious that brain speaks louder than action in this game. You individual competence plays a vital role. In the beginning, you only get a limited range of variations at hand; however, with appropriate strategies and the help of occasional presence of good luck, you could still expect victories at ease at the primary stage. Along with your level up, your selection of cards will be enlarged and a larger variety of tactics can be adopted.

Summon your acquaintances and friends to attend the matches, make the best of everyone’s advantages, and prepare for the competitions with the best opponents in the international tournaments.

6 Comments on Carte: Online TCG


  1. Dimtiris, Greece says:

    This is a very good game. The interface highlights whcih cards are "playable" at any phase of the game, and also suggests or reminds moves to the active player. Those features simplify the learning curve, which is minimal if you have played Magic The Gathering or similar games. The feel is very real. The table looks real and you can right click on any card to immediately read it up-close. The matches are brain-intensive and the satisfaction of winning a good match is immense. You can also play against the computer to learn the basics, and also you have enough money at the beginning to buy tons of cards and experiment with an overwhelming variety of cards.

  2. Maesty says:

    I want play again =O when is the OBT ???

  3. Rosu Adrian says:

    from where i can download this game now? i really want to play it with my friends D:

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