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Castle Age: Heart of Darkness

Castle Age: Heart of Darkness

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Castle Age: Heart of Darkness is a Facebook RPG by Phoenix Age. The game, which lets you do questing, gain title, allocate char attributes, and PVP duels, offers a quality and persistent gaming world full of adventure, battle, and fun.

Game Description:

In the deadly silent night, you woke to the great pain with a blank mind, only to find yourself lying alone weakly on the ground under the dim moonlight. Thinking hard, you traced back a blurring memory about a hard-won battle against a demon which probably accounted for the pain and plight right now. The armor you dress reflected cold light from the moon, piercing the surrounding darkness and the world with darkness deeper than the night. You are the Crusader of Darkness in the fantasy world of Castle Age: Heart of Darkness.

Castle Age: Heart of Darkness, a role-playing adventure game, is now available on Facebook. On the whole, this MMO is featured with a complex and in-depth gameplay which is rich in monsters of various types, looks and skills, lurking in the whole journey of exploration.

However, all the thrilling adventures as well as the combat involved are not action-prompted, but driven by texts and menus. Lack of dynamic fighting and dexterous control over the avatar, players keen on fierce action and skillful maneuver will one to ten be disappointed, finding this game boring without much to delve into. Even the PvP battle which allows players to engage in one-on-one duel or take revenge is absent of usual excitement to arouse players’ interest after finding a real foe that is worthy his/her steel. After all, for them, reading texts and menus for taking quests is far from exploration, and invariable clicking on whatever monsters or opponents for a while to kill is by no means combat.

Yet it does boast terrific artistic graphics with exquisite images of figures, monsters and scenarios together with the complicated and smooth storyline never short of tasks and quests mentioned above, which are magnet enough to players fond of role-playing in immersive text-driven story.

In Castle Age: Heart of Darkness, players can highly customize their own roles with unique weapons and attire that are all available in the in-game shop. Though all kinds of quests, each with five levels, players will get gold, experience and skill points, all useful in upgrading. Quest is allocated on the basis of Lands, which means players must finish all tasks inside one Region before taking those from outside.

Generally, there is a long way to go for players touring around Solace, Catalyst, Provacation and Awakening, the four lands in the map, since the single Solace requires players to complete sequentially eight quests from the starting Town Gates to the last milestone Darkest Hour. Besides, players in the game can also perform Alchemy, summoning monsters and using available ingredients to create powerful items according to recipes at hand.

So this is Castle Age: Heart of Darkness, a game consisting of in-depth storyline but short of dynamic action. And it’s up to you whether to take it or leave it.

official website: http://apps.facebook.com/castle_hod/

3 Comments on Castle Age: Heart of Darkness


  1. Carl says:

    how do you equip your guardians with equipment?

  2. Yolanda says:

    I need help on the game castle age: heart of darkness when i go to the quest button and push journey or the other nothing show up i dont know what i am doing wrong please help!

  3. rduffy says:

    Why is there a problem loading the game or game links for assists?

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