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Castle Empire: New Name for “The Settlers Online”, Sign up for Beta tester

Sara Lau
Jul 20,2011  06:07 by

Players who have planned to build their settlements in The Settlers Online will have to setup a new account on the new gaming portal as the Publisher Ubisoft recently announced to change the title and logo of the game into Castle Empire for unknown reason.

So The Settlers Online is now called Castle Empire. Though Ubisoft gives the browser game a new name, the rules and the storyline of the game remain unchanged and are identical to its German version. The only alteration is that your settlers will live now at a totally different address.

Castle Empire is a city-building browser game where the players aim to populate their small villages with a multitude of settlers and expand it into a mighty kingdom in several successive steps.

You start Castle Empire as the owner as well as the first inhabitant of a small deserted village. The ultimate goal is to turn your tiny village into a powerful and flourishing city by means of constructing a variety of buildings and engaging in an array of businesses, such as carpentry, saw mills and copper mines. Large warehouses and various mines are very useful for the development of your village.

Along the way, you will undoubtedly be confronted with greedy yet ruthless bandits who you must eliminate as soon as possible so as to expand your own territory. To achieve the goal, you must build an invincible army of your own. Castle Empire also provides players with numerous quests to make your adventure more thrilling and fulfilling.

If you join a guild, you can count on your guild’s support and conquer more territories together with your allies.

It is possible to transform your shabby village into a thriving metropolis with the aid of your industrious settlers and faithful allies. If you are really gifted, you can create an entirely new virtual world that makes other players green with envy.

Your land will soon be a bustling attraction, witnessing a crowd of people pouring in and settling down. With strategic planning and favorable luck, you will soon become a mighty emperor beyond parallel in Castle Empire.

Now Castle Empire has launched its beta test and you can register through its official website to get notified when Castle Empire is available!

Official website: http://www.castleempireonline.com/

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  1. Nanda says:

    I’ve just received an e-mail from Ubisoft saying I’ve been selected for the closed beta, but there’s still no way to create an account on the official website. Hopefully this won’t be part of the whole name confusion.

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