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Castle Master 3D

Castle Master 3D

Release Date:  Apr 28, 2012
Publisher:  Alphacloud Inc.
Developer:  Alphacloud Inc.
Genre:  City Building, Strategy, RPG

Castle Master 3D, released on Apr 28, 2012, is a free iOS anime style game app that is developed by Alphacloud. The game allows players to build facilities and govern people, recruit train and redeploy soldiers, spy on enemy castles and attack them. You can also buy weapons, armor and items, and learn special combat skills.


A long time ago, God created mankind. However, as time passed, humans denied the existence of God and became tainted with arrogance and greed. Disappointed God decided not to take care of the human world any more in a rage. After God left humans, evil hordes from the underworld came to this world and attacked humans. Humans were so weak compared to fearsome evil hordes. Eventually, all 45 castles had fallen to the evil creatures and the human’s king was killed in the last battle.

Humans, having lost all their castles and respected king, fell into the pit of despair. However, the battle between humans and devils was not over. The young prince, who was honing the sword of revenge for his late father, and his followers stood together against the evil hordes. Starting from an action to take back the castle Gaia, Human’s counterattack begins now.


Castle Master is a new 3D tactical role-playing game available for tablets. The game is set in a fantasy medieval world. Players take the role as an officer of a Kingdom, which is currently under enemy siege and now it just remains the most important capital city in the south-west. Your objective is to reclaim all of the other cities from evil hordes.

After you create the avatar, the game throws you into the battle scenario, which will walk you through the basic control during the combat. At a first glimpse of the game, it gave me the feeling as if I was playing a cartoony Asian MMORPG. Battles scenes are carried out in full 3D, and characters are also beautifully and vividly rendered in cute SD style. You and your opponent are each in charge of an army and armies of both factions are deployed at their own starting zones which are opposite each other. When battle begins, each faction charges the opponent’s position and engages in hand-to-hand combat. Friendly armies and enemies are both governed by their own AI, but you have complete control over your character. You just simply tap on the terrain to move you character, tap and hold the screen and then drag left or right to rotate the camera. You can auto-attack a desired target by simply tapping it, but I still find it hard to select my target when my character is engulfed in a swarm of enemies. The user interface in combat is quite neat. Icons clearly listed on the bottom of the screen for easy reach. On the left-bottom side, it shows the remaining quantity of mana and HP potions, a skill hotkey and a button allowing you to toggle between weapon sets display on the right-bottom side. The goal of each combat is to vanquish all the enemy forces and break down the castle gate within limited time. Once you win the battle, you successfully reclaim it. Then you can buy items, accept quests, and learn new skills by teleporting to the enclosed city market area, which is also presented in a 3D scene, so you can freely interact with different NPCs just as you always did in a client MMO.

On the world map, you can view the entire land of the kingdom, in which cities are captured by different factions and they can be distinguished by the difference in color of their banners. You click on your own city icon to bring up the city-governing interface. The main status board displays the loyalty, tax and the number of recruited troops, and you can give military, construction and other commands by accessing corresponding buttons placed on the lower screen. A certain amount of “command points” will be consumed each time you issue a command and each new player is given 150 points at the beginning. But it should be noted that, command point doesn’t regain itself over a certain period of time, which lures you to buy more using real world money when they run out.

Just as in all the other tactical role-playing games, the events are measured based on the ingame elapsed time, which means enemies also increasingly gain strength as time goes by. So you need to spy on enemy cities before you send your armies. The game producer also makes a customizable paper doll system into this game, so you can see what gears actually you are wearing. Likewise, you can add stat points to the basic attributes like strength, intellect, or constitution after gaining a new level during combat.

City-building part is such an important element that none of tactical role-playing games lack. In Castle Master 3D, you can construct each building followed by a simple linear technology sequence. General buildings are necessary for more tax revenues and population growth, while military buildings are necessary for recruiting more kinds of units. There are totally 5 combat units available in the game: “spearman” is the most basic combat unit available from the very beginning; while the other four will be unlocked by constructing its corresponding structure. Overall, the city-management part of the game doesn’t have much of a variety in term of gameplay and it’s a pity that the game does not have any city overview scenes, where you can view all the buildings of your castle.

To sum up, Castle Master 3D is a fairly simple game with little complexity. It’s more suitable for new comers in the strategic world. If the game could add multiplayer online mode, that would be a paw-dropping production for sure.

28 Comments on Castle Master 3D


  1. DDraper says:

    Why there is a cursor on the screen? 0.0 Was it recorded in some kind of virtual machine?

  2. Dakota says:

    How do you collect Taxes?

  3. Jo says:

    Ive been playing this game for a few days and its really hard to expand,ive gotten 3 castle’s max,now struggling with 2 due to insufficient funds,my question is,some buildings show tax+3000 but im only getting 700 to 800 tax,which isnt enough,i keep getting attacked every 2 minutes and go broke restoring my army,any tips or ideas?

  4. Chao says:

    This game is very good,since everyone can earn the gems easily from every war or by some special case(depends on the fortune),the thing should always keep doing is improve the level of your solders but after 4 or 5 castle i only use the knight and the last second one,they are the best choice ,don't keep improving the first 3 that's wasting your money

  5. Lim says:

    this game is really hard once u get to the last 3 rows of enemy castle..
    they got worst 2 handed devil that blows my maxed lvl 50 warrior, knight, and the big axe man..
    i was like WTF! and almost 1 hit my heroes. that Zeus Sword suck aswell.. lol..

    anyway if you would like to get hillarious amount of Taxes, put your Heroes Stat to INT until lvl 15/20.
    each town will give u atleast 1k+ gold every 1 min

  6. Lim says:

    to level up quick. put no armies on castle, and everytime they attack only like 10-19 monsters. it will repeat attack u everytime until the enemy town that attack u runs out of monster, then u attack that town with the town that you have armies, but just attack with low amount of armies, since after you won, they will retaliate you with a small amount of armies 😀 repeat it again to get to another town.

    but be sure to hire Lord a Swordsman to help you kill them faster. while other lords is no use Imho.

  7. Tainted soul says:

    How to upgrade castle
    I m stuck with the weakest unit

  8. nip says:

    how do i increase loyalty of the castle??

  9. long says:

    try to get maxium on the loyalty by relief. and keep it high over 100. you will see your gold go up much faster. i have about 13 castle at lvl 33 and my gold go up like crazy over 100k most of the time

  10. Double jango says:

    I win the game 3 times already LOL and now I just wan to earn gem to buy some skills . But sad there is no skill action video

  11. Double jango says:

    Each buildings in economy will increase your tax and the higher the castle relief which 104 max and you can give relief 20 at 103 so your tax will high especially strategic lord give the highest relief . Tips : knight win 4 line castle which means left 20 castle 30 knight in battlefield can handle their 300 without any die , only train knight because if you train other only waste your command point which only knight can lead the game victory . Capture 3 or 4 castle starting and farm knight , try to increase more love with Zeus's daughter because it give you money

  12. sohem says:

    The last 2 rows of castles are damn hard. I have all lvl 50 knights yet i get pawned in a minute. Any comment how to win them?

  13. Ace says:

    What stats does the Zeus blade gives you?

  14. Jim says:

    I bought 4 skills, but only 3 show up at the bottom right in battle, anyone know how to get the 4th skill?

  15. Joemar says:

    how do i regenerate command points? i'm playing offline. #badly need answers

  16. Sylus says:

    How do I get the sword from the girl!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!???!!!

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