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Castle Tower

Castle Tower

Release Date:  August 27, 2012
Publisher:  Sm4rt Games
Developer:  Sm4rt Games
Genre:  Tower Defense / City Management

Castle Tower is a Facebook-based tower defense game where you build your fortress, create an army of fairytale creatures, and fight other players to become the greatest.


Castle Tower proves to be another game twisting the know-to-all fairytales from storybooks. And it is good indeed.

Naturally it includes characters in famous stories, for example Three Little Pigs, Rapunzel, Merlin, and Snow White. In fact the game is based on a quite interesting story: Snow White didn’t live happily ever after since her hard-won prince turned out to be a womanizer. With the help of some really good divorce lawyers, she left him but obtained all his properties and treasures. Then she became more and more like her stepmother and later began to envy the beauty and wealth of a princess in a neighboring country. Snow White, now the Snow Queen, took her move.

You will develop a base around the Rapunzel’s tower and help defend the country. You will hire the three pigs to construct your houses including the Robin Hood towers (or archer towers), candy house (from where you will obtain candies to train you units who happen to be notable characters such as Little Red Riding Hoods, Bridge Trolls and Goldilocks), lumberkjack’s cabin that would have Santa Clause’s head on it, statue-like Midas Vaults. You would be familiar with the buildings at first sight – you can find the counterparts in almost all the recent strategy games and the only differences are the names and appearances. And as you can expect from those games, there are lots of constructions, upgrades, trainings and collections involved in this game.

Lovely buildings in the base don’t necessarily exclude the cruel battles, at least not in Castle Tower. Actually the game constantly makes you attack other players to destroy the specified buildings or loot the required resources. You can visit before deciding whether or not to attack a player and once you do, you place your units on empty ground and then they would rush to attack the buildings, especially those producing resources. And like most games of this genre, the dispatched units cannot be used any longer and you have to train some more in your barracks.

That explains why you can easily run out of candies. But sure, candies are not the only resources you urgently need. The gems, wood, stones and mana, can all be insufficient. And thanks to the fact that there is only one mission available most of the time, you have to wait until you collect enough resources or train enough soldiers, or until the constructions or upgrades are complete before you can proceed to the next one. And that means, you can either pay or wait to keep going.

Admittedly, Castle Tower doesn’t incorporate anything new in its gameplay. But the intriguing story, story-inspired characters and details and constant battles manage to offer a both intense and relaxing strategy gaming experience that most casual players will find enjoyable.

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