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Castle Town

Castle Town

Release Date:  August, 2012
Publisher:  Clipwire Games
Developer:  Clipwire Games
Genre:  City Building, Harvesting, Farm

Castle Town is a medieval social game for Facebook where you are the King or Queen of your own kingdom to grow your kingdom and improve the lives of your people by completing quests, planting and harvesting crops, raising animals and fending off the invasion of monsters.


Castle Town stylishly demonstrates why a clone of City of Wonder, or Social Empires could prevail again on Facebook. You do all the same things as Social Empires offer. For example, you must keep planting and harvesting crops, as well as feeding your animals and collecting from buildings to gain as much gold as possible.  Moreover, every action your character performs in Castle Town will also cost one unit of energy. And when your energy is reduced to 0, you will have to ask friends to send you more energy, or you need to buy it with real money.

It seems Castle Town also combines the concept of Zynga’s Chefville into it with crafting  and cooking function. If you choose either cooking or crafting, you will have different recipes, but cooking takes food ingredients from livestock and crops. Crafting takes items from buildings and nature and combines them to create other useful items you need for your Castle Town.

Most cooking ingredients can be found by continually harvesting crops, each of which has a chance of dropping a rare prize winning crop. Tending animals will also get you different ingredients, though at a slower rate. Items for crafting are found by continually collecting from buildings, as well as defeating enemies and clearing debris.

Using the market is very easy, just open it from the market icon at the bottom right of the page, and select the category of item you’d like to purchase from the tabs at the top. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, just click buy to place it in your town. If an item is locked because you haven’t reached a certain level yet, simply keep playing until you reach that level, or pay a few diamonds to get the item right away! You can also use the helpful search bar to find specific items right away, just type in a few letters from the name of the item you’re looking for.

Completing constuction on buildings will always require a final element, that will either be additional items needed, or friends to work in the buildings. For buildings that simply require items, either request those items from friends, purchase them or find them in town, then complete the building when you have the necessary items. For buildinds that require your friends’ help to complete, request that they come work in your building from that building’s construction menu, then wait for the positions to be filled. If you’re having trouble filling one or more slots, you can always fill them for the price of a few diamonds.

Enemies function a lot like debris, in that you simply click them to spend energy attacking, and they must be attacked a number of times before they’re removed, at which point they will often drop an item that you can use around town. Enemies once discovered will continue to appear in your town, and can be defeated at any time to collect items you will require for your Castle Town!

In order to work with crops you’ll first need crop plots which can be purchased or found in your Castle Town. Once placed, clicking on a plot will bring up the crops menu, and can select the crop you wish to plant. Once planted, each crop will have a certain amount of time it will need before it can be harvested. In the mean time you can click on growing plants to water and tend to them, for a chance at prize winning crops! Once the crop has had time to grow it will appear in its mature state, and clicking on it will let you harvest the crop for a gold payout. There will also be a chance for a prize winning version of that crop to drop out, much higher than just from tending it.

Bosses are extremely powerful enemies that require certain items before they can be engaged. Once these items are collected from around town, purchased or requested from friends, you can engage the boss in combat. Once engaged, bosses work much like regular enemies, with each attack taking up some of your energy, and doing damage to the boss. Once defeated, bosses will always drop some interesting items!

Once a livestock is placed in town it will get hungry, and continue to get hungry every set number of hours, after which it will need to be fed again. Each animal will grow after being fed enough times, and change appearance. Each time a livestock is fed it has a chance of producing an item for cooking, and between feedings animals can be tended up to five times an hour for a small payout and a chance at more cooking ingredients!

Every day you will be able to peform five free actions in each neighbor’s town. These actions will not subtract from your energy, but you will have the benefit of the gold and experience drops from performing the tasks. Once a friend has performed actions in your town, their avatar will be standing in your town waiting for you. You will be given the choice of accepting or rejecting their help, and accepting will allow their avatar to perform the tasks your neighbor chose, which will count toward any active quests requiring those actions.

Debris means anything that grows in your town without your express permission to do so! This includes puddles, wild flowers, and more importantly: rocks and trees. Debris mostly gets in the way and needs to be cleared so you can develop your land, but trees and rocks also provide wood and stone, two essential ingredients in the construction of any building. Make sure to keep clearing away debris by clicking on them to keep your stores of stone and wood high, and your room to grow as big as possible!

Many actions in Castle Town are recorded in the achievements menu. Every time you perform that action, you get closer to gaining an achievement for your accomplishments. Achievements are accessed from the Achievements tab at the top of the game, and provide gold and experience rewards when you earn them.

4 Comments on Castle Town


  1. killerz says:

    Stop sucking up to zynga and comparing every game to them because of a part of the game they might have similar in one of theirs.

    They did not come up with anything but stole the ideas and acting like they are the originals of it just shows how bias you are to them.

  2. killerz says:

    The game is crap.

    It's just another clone of many games but requires a ton of energy to do anything and another crappy invite a ton of people game or you can't do anything.

    Not to mention poor graphics compared to others like this and has crappy performance.

  3. angela says:

    i need to know how to delete players from this game of castle town that do no longer play thanks for any help, emailed clipwire but they are ignorant and do not reply thanks angela

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