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Release Date:  2011/11/14 (Out Now)
Publisher:  Zynga
Developer:  Zynga
Genre:  MMO, Social

CastleVille is a Facebook MMO game where you set foot on a medieval wonderland, assume the role of a chivalrous knight, and fight against hordes of invasive beasts outside your castle. Developed by Zynga behind a series of famous titles like FarmVille,  FrontierVille and Adventure World,  the game will be an impressive MMO with its emphasis on social features.


Castleville impresses on me on the whole as a pleasure ground. Just like an amusement park with beautiful environment, merrymaking music and various entertaining facilities, the game provides fairytale-like gaming world, terrific back music (recorded by 75-piece orchestra) and a rich variety of activities to engage. Hybrid pieces fuse into an immersive entireness; that is Castleville.

In-game activities vary, covering building, farming, battling and visiting friends in the early stage, with the first two in the center. In fact, the very first task after we create the character is to slay two beasts so as to save the Duke, the first NPC to weave us into the storyline.

The vast land is shrouded by magical murk with most subjects lost in it. And our task is to build a happy kingdom, dispelling the surrounding Gloom and reclaiming the lost land as well. To make the pretty Yvette our first subject, we need to build a cozy home for her.

To build, we need to first locate the required structure (ready in the inventory) in usable land in the first place and then collect materials, normally of wood lags and stones, to complete the construction. Only if materials are sufficient will the construction be done immediately. Once built, each building will generate gold coins as tax at a fixed amount of time. Yet buildings’ play doesn’t stop here. Different buildings, different fun. For instance, Workshop is where we can craft building materials and tools with forging recipes; and Maiden’s Tower requires us to hire crew to fill in positions of Maiden’s Guard, Knight Watchman and Make-up Artist.

Yvette is the first subject, with others still locked in the Gloomed Areas waiting to be saved. Can’t wait to explore into the deep darkness, a treasure box lying here and an ancient ritual site hidden there? I am eager to explore as far as possible but simple unable to, for the wide-spread Gloomed Areas are locked, only accessible when the Castle Level meets their respective requirements.

Before exploration, we have to build the kingdom with higher castle levels, decided by the royal buildings that in turn require XP to unlock and then build. Just take a look at these gloomed places: there is the cave of Alastair who holds the key to the crown, mysterious houses with lights on, wishing wells that may grant a request, skeleton of a poor adventurer who met a grisly fate, and lots of plots featured by little animals, unfinished constructions and melting pots, etc. A glimpse suffices to whet our appetite and provoke curiosity. Who wouldn’t want a little mysterious adventure? But we have to wait.

Activities inside the kingdom are many to attend to as well, leaving no space for boredom or repetitiveness. We simply have a lot to do, feeding adorable chicks and cows, placing trough to supply water, planting crops in the farm plot, and so on and so forth. Whiling taking these quests, we may find us distracted by unexpected incidents, such as a message note sent by a little bird from powerful magicians or the sudden appearance of beasts in the land. If we grow many a plant, the harvest may draw the attention of Gloom Rats, which must be killed first because they would freeze our current activities, for instance. All the fun seems integral.

Castleville surely knows how to play a small trick to generate intrinsic fun. It surprises us now and then with special rewards or sudden visits of monsters popping up in quests. Yet it delights us all the more by letting us to find out more playable activities by ourselves. This is where Castleville excels other games: not all its gameplay is offered straightforwardly in the form of quests, but leaves quite a lot of fun to be found by chance by us. For instance, there is a beautiful small pond with two frogs squatting on lotus leaves and fish occasionally jumping out the water, no quest or guide related to it. And if we happen to move our cursor over it, the cursor will turn to a worm, allowing us to fish in the pond. By clicking, we can get Bass, Shell, Water Bucket as well as coins, XP and energy out of it. Also, there is the quest to ask us to plant several flowers, but later I flicked the cursor across one plant, only to find I can further tend to it.

Attracted by the interesting activities, I could play it in hours to run without stop. But Energy shuts me out of the game. 25 points are all that we can use. Far from enough. Just consider this: to clear one rock requires 8 strokes, namely, 8 points, so three rocks simply stumble us in the game.

Put on Facebook, the game cannot possibly miss out the social element. Gladly, we don’t need to constantly turn off the pop-up interface, asking us to send free gifts to friends or spamming them to play too. As in most Facebook games, its friend-invitation request is a little pushy but majorly content-related. For instance, we need to gain heart reputation as well as various rewards by giving a hand in friends’ kingdom (lots of activities there: accelerating the plant growth, collect whatever is ready and fighting back beasts, etc.), and we can save a lot by hiring friends to take positions in buildings (like those mentioned above in the Maiden’s Tower) which otherwise must be filled by the Duke at the cost of hard-earned Crowns or unlocked Subjects using Work Orders.

In-game simulation really deserves a thumb-up. It creates a vivid, live world. Chicks move around pecking at food from ground and cows chew grass while wagging long tails; axe leaves hacking marks on trees which will eventually fall down; plants in the irrigated farm plots next to ponds or rivers grow faster; and Yvette would sing when surrounded by the heralding little bird.

Moreover, quite a lot of designs embedded in the game are considerate and convenient for us: we can rotate or move whatever is built or added in the game to directions and locations as we want; we can cancel current actions; and we can re-customaries the character at any time. As to the high-publicized crafting and trading elements, I didn’t see much in it yet, except the crafting-related Workshop or Kitchen listed in the market. So perhaps in following updates, we can make potions, art, or other goods and trade them in the market.

Castleville is really great; it makes us enjoy what are engaging and yearn for more at once.


Upon arrival in the world, you may be first struck by its top-notch graphics and well-crafted characters. According to Zynga, this medieval-themed game “boasts movie-like production quality”, which means that you will be able to immerse yourself in a colorful and exquisite dreamland and feast your eyes on all kinds of fabulous scenarios along the way. The limited screenshots reveal to us a breathtaking world with magnificent castles, adorable animals, beautiful princesses and handsome warriors. To my mind, a game’s success is, first and foremost, determined by its compelling appearance, and CastleVille leaves quite a good impression in this regard.

It also provides a constellation of interesting activities. You start the game by taking charge of a patch of land on which you can set up a quaint castle. And your aim is to expand the little castle into a thriving kingdom step by step. Of course, there is a long way to go before you can achieve the ultimate goal. In this game, you can manufacture a wide variety of items, like magic potions and protective armors, which can be then traded with your neighbors and friends. Besides, you can also invite your friends to visit your castle and flaunt your achievements to their face. Perhaps you think that this kind of bragging is a little bit peacockish, but trust me, it is fun!

Monster-slaying is also an integral part of this promising game. Your castle is besieged by a legion of combative monsters that are trying to knocking down your walls and raiding your rare resources, so you have to fortify your little kingdom with towers and walls while fending off their attacks. What’s more, a boundless yet perilous world is waiting for your exploration outside your own territory. Along the journey, you will make intimate friends, run into deadly foes, and go through thrilling adventures. The gameplay reminds me of Castle Empire.

To make a long story short, CastleVille inherits all the brilliant features of its predecessors and is doomed to be successful with its years of experience, worldwide fame, and most importantly, the really attractive gameplay mechanics that sounds like World of Warcraft. And we have total faith that this game will carry on the success and glory of the popular Ville franchise. Let’s wait with patience!

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  1. Funny how this game has such a high rating before it's even released. Personally I can't wait to start playing!

  2. Kittykat says:

    so am i cuz i want me and my daughter to play it together plz let me know when like soon.

  3. noi says:

    I wanna play.

  4. josefina faria says:

    I just wanna know when the game is coming out !!!

  5. amanda wise says:

    when is it coming out so we can play the game

  6. zaka says:

    thats very good game


    the 5 stars ***** games

  7. conna says:

    20th of this month is the release date

  8. Edward J. Dalzen says:

    It sux that there is this much hype & it doesn't start until the 20th 😛

  9. maria says:

    Can someone send me an email to let me know or how to download this game? I can't figure it out. Thanks mgmeadors@gmail.com

  10. Monica says:

    so is this game starting anytime soon or is the hype so big they've decided to put it back further to annoy us all?

  11. josefina faria says:

    I just want to know when the game is coming out

  12. Lovely RoRo says:

    When is the game will come cant wait for it I need it fast let it come or I will be mad

  13. Majo says:

    A First Look into the game for all who dont know to like the game:

  14. kyle says:

    the game is already out its on facbook. all you have to do is look it up then push the play now button. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1000005916

  15. castlevilleaddicted says:

    nice game to play.. add me anytime supafwens@gmail.com TQ in advance…

  16. Alicia says:

    neeed neighbors plz! penny_lane795@yahoo.com!!

  17. King Rex says:

    I’m the king!!!yOur majesty…inri be with god…

  18. Guest says:

    I think i hit a bug. I went and bought the female jesture top but it doesn't show up in my customize window. I bought a different shirt and that one showed up! I don't know what to do with this now, i bought the jester shirt but now it's locked and i can't get it…

  19. craig says:

    add me, in need of neighbours stonercraig@hotmail.com

  20. Heather says:

    I just started this game and I think I am done with it already. I do everything to complete a missions and it do not recognize that I have done it. I have done this over and over. I have used up all my crowns just to finish one mission gone on the the next and the same thing is happening.

  21. Kelly says:

    I dont know how to make buttons and i need some to move on please help me what do i do?

  22. Sonja says:

    Reached level 8, need only level 3 to buy maiden tower. It doesn't unlock, need to finish quest?

  23. David says:

    i need neighbours, can you add me grifin8373@yahoo.com

  24. bla says:

    good game… but we need a warehouse!!

  25. Perky says:

    world of warcraft? seriously? dude, what's wrong with you? this is an offense to the whole blizzard universe. seriously… you can't compare facebook's silly little games to wow… quit your life.

  26. Jan Rune says:

    need neighbours add me? jan.runekristensen@telia.com

  27. Jerry says:

    also need neighbors… drscruf@gmail.com — put Castleville in inivite

  28. Charlene says:

    i need neighbours, plz add me cstrydom1@hotmail.com

  29. Nicole says:

    Need neighbors !!! Put castleville in invite: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542132658

  30. Amanda says:

    Hey Y'all i need neighbors!! please add me mandyalissa@aol.com the more the better!! and if you need more neighbours in cityville go ahead and add me for that also!!

  31. whitney says:

    Is anyone else experiencing loss of cursor in the game? My cursor disappears but is still functioning invisibly. It reappears when outside the game window. It makes clicking on things, especially the slide needed to accept neighbour help, a real hassle. Anyone know of a fix?

  32. Ro Winkler says:

    I love it but i would like to know if someone figured out how to slash builds and other stuff on the land to take to the inventory. ty in advance 😀

  33. David says:

    i wish there was a way to inventory items that you buy or build, to help make room until you need them.

  34. coco says:

    add me cocotigerly@hotmail.com.need neighbors,just got starded with a game:-)

  35. happynec says:

    Add me for castle ville ————- http://www.facebook.com/justin.lunsford2

  36. sean says:

    anyone looking for more neighbors? need more to accomplish some quests.

  37. Wispykisses says:

    I can't get anything that people send to me. Grrr. I need things to complete quests. When I click on accept it never goes thru to my game. I'm about ready to quit. Anyone have a solution?

  38. bne10.net says:

    Gerçekten ben bu Castleville oyununa bayıldım.

  39. guest says:

    i placed a madien tower in a bad spot…how do u demolish a building????

  40. sherma says:

    I play the game and love it but what I want to know is how come some peoples' castle has different colored roofs on their royal buildings can they be changed

  41. susana says:

    Can somebody help me….. when I go visit my friends castle i dont have the option anymore to post to their page… they can not see when i visit their castle PLEASE HELP ME

  42. Mishi says:

    woo add me YamanariMishima@yahoo.com, or jus FB YamanariMishima

  43. ami says:

    it would be nice if every level you get the limit for energy also increases..:D

  44. donna says:

    I have been playing and I can not add my neighbors or accept their requests. Can anyone tell me how they got their neighbors or recieved your requests?

  45. iKlone says:

    This site is sadly lacking a bias review. Game isn’t all sparkles and glamour. Since it’s release castleville has change almost completely.

    zynga is constantly interfering in gamers gameplay almost on a daily basis.

    Due to the slow growth rates of peacocks for blue feathers, castleville implemented a “ask” friend feature which would allow you to ask for blue feathers. That feature has since been taken away due to the “easy access’ gamers where acquiring the said blue feathers. Now for those of us that have a considerable amount of peacocks to harvest from, the drop rate has been lowered to around 50 drops of red feathers to 1 blue feather. Which is has done for me.

    zynga then introduces a new update – meaning, that they have not only increased the amount of times you can craft for items but the items needed to craft.

    Like cityville, pioneerville, castleville is plagued with bugs, desperate gamers are spamming synga forums with repeated pleas for their games to be fixed.

    Wall posts not being posted when asking for items, which zynga tried to blame on fb settings. Instead, miraculous posts have now started appearing on some players walls.

    The game isn’t what is first started out to be. Like all zynga forums, there is more disf-satisfaction threads then there is complimentary.

    – crops withering to fast
    – Alchemist Powder drop rate has dropped to almost 0. Hard to come by.
    – decorations that were made cropable has upset allot of players from friends chopping down brought trees.
    – Extreme low drop rate for blue feathers
    – Extreme slow growth rate of animals, especially peacocks and geese.
    – crew buildings has no “fire” button for crew members that don’t attend buildings.
    – constant change of items required to craft items.
    – unable to complete quests and or buildings as they are 2 levels higher then you current level. example, you could be level 12 and need a bakery to complete a quest, unfortunately bakery is only available at level 15.

    Just to name a few …

    * Post taken from zynga forums … pretty much sums up what we all feel.
    Ok I’m getting ticked off with their constant changing of the game. one of the first changes was when I bought a cottage I only needed stone and wood to build it. Now they have changed it so that you need coats of arms as well, and they have done stuff like that with other buildings.

    BUT what really really ticks me off is how they changed the the formula for making the DYE kit. FIRST it was 1 red feather I believe and I know for a fact it was ONE BLUE feather. NOW its THREE blue feathers !!! Like what the heck!
    You know it was hard enough to get one feather since the peacock take forever to grow and then when they do they very rarely EVER give blue feathers!.

    I mean if they wanted to change something up the red feathers, you know the ones we get a thousand of, not the blue. I can’t even ask for any!

    This is so ridiculous that I am starting to get bored waiting around to do nothing. I can’t go any further without those stupid feathers and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna pay cash to get those feathers.

    So way to go Zynga, I really liked this game and you screwed it!!

  46. katy says:

    c'est de la merde, a cause de la conne a trouver par la demande du bucheron, hé bien il ne fonctionne plus à chaque fois que je l'allume il actualise marre de ce jeu ça fait 1 semaine et je perd tout de ce jeu

  47. katy says:

    et en + il me beug mon com

  48. Steph says:

    This game is terrible, I did what the game asked me to by asking my friends for help they have accepted mine but now I can't accept their help or help them every time I click accept it just goes straight to the game and I am back where I started!! Which means I can't advance to the next level then you have the nerve to want me to pay money for more items!!! Not happening if the "basic" functions don't work surely zynga won't see a dime!!

  49. Kasriati Purnomo says:

    I like play castleville and I need more neighbors, add me pls, thx

  50. Kasriati Purnomo says:

    add me pls <kasriati_p@yahoo.com> I need neighbors

  51. terri says:

    what happens if your kingbom is all black and there is no more wolves,rats,thiefs,little green monsters the winter ones or any other creatures around ,how do i get my kingdom back to normal cause i cannot do a thing on there please help!!!

  52. brenda moran says:

    love the game but can't accept neighbors, real irritating
    i need friends

  53. charlene says:

    I need neighbours plz ad me cstrydom1@hotmail.com

  54. Eileen Elliott says:

    I am fed up now as i really loved this game, but you have made it so hard to get any buildings, too many stone blocks and wood planks needed for everything, not counting the amount of times i have to get rid of wolves and theives, it's just gone beyond rediculous, come on castleville, you are gonna loose a lot of players if you don't stop making it so hard to do anything, don't spoil it after making such a great game!

  55. divachick says:

    I have to agree with ami…..there needs to be an energy increase. You can't get anything done! By the time you buy a million trees to cope with all the building you have to do, and then water them a few million times, and then chop them down, and then cope with the beasties that come when you chop them down or water…..YOU HAVE NOTHING LEFT! And it takes too long to build up energy again.
    Crystal shards are becoming hard to get too, so you run out of room to put all the things you need to have, and can't explore new places. BORING!

  56. rusty says:

    Looking for new Castleville neighbors – friend me at Rusty Gilligan on Facebook

  57. Samuel Kluck says:

    Skluck@nycap.rr.com i need nieghbors

  58. balinda says:

    can someone tell me how to delete neighbors who don't play there is not a neighbor's list at the top of page to delete them

  59. sylviacapaul says:

    how do I change from Winter to summer

  60. tyciol says:

    I forget the name of the evil wizard.

  61. Jacob says:

    It's amazing how many people don't claim their free achievement rewards from the Castleville milestone achievement meter. If you haven't grabbed them, you can get them all at castleville.fieldofstrife.com

  62. connie roberts says:

    i need neighbors could you find me… connie k roberts from ozark arkansas.. email is roberts.connie88@yahoo.com.. plz look me u

  63. Marie says:

    I just started playing the game and I don't know how to raise my castle level.. could someone please tell me what I did to get the 11 I have now so I can explore

  64. ladydyxea says:

    I love cityville, but not more than castleville. It's so much fun, I can't get enough of it. 🙂

  65. kaloizos says:

    I need to delete neighbors from my Castleville game, but I don't know how. Please inbox or email me if you can help me with this problem. Thank you.

  66. Rose LeBlanc says:

    I need neighbors for castlevillewould any one be intersted?

  67. wandamiller says:

    need help can't accept requests in castleville

  68. manale says:

    i have a problem when i started the game i got 2 rats no house for evet and i cant even talk to the duck or evette so how can i restart this game or fix it ???

  69. vijayasubbaraya says:

    yes i do like this game. it is very interesting. but all the quests need gifts from neighbors & the royal buildings need so many neighbors. if you provide at least five neighbors to send the gifts & receive the same & reply to our requests , it will be helpful. and now the valentine quests have started. is it possible to change the gifts to crystal shards or magic powder in stead of flower boards etc, ?

  70. Tracy says:

    can anyone explain why NONE of the gifts from Castleville posted by my friends and neighbours show up on my page??

  71. rukuve thirah says:

    add me………24 hrs on castle ty…..

  72. flare says:

    add me plss need more neighbors… flare delosa rodmar_jimenez@yahoo.com

  73. vijayasubbaraya says:

    the game is becoming big bore. the quests need lot of things which only neighbors can provide & i don't have many friends who spend their time in face book games.there are only three work shops so, to get the materials done also becomes slow.quests are too lengthy. it looks as though zynga has ran out of ideas to give more quests & does' t know how to proceed. so, they are making the game go at slow pace.we play these games just relax and to enjoy.please provide some (say 5 ) or connect us to some players so that we can send friend request.

  74. brenda sampson says:

    i love castleville, however, i need more neighbors and will except be excepted as a neighbor as well. thanks

  75. Tara says:

    Why do these articles never comment on how the character design and look of this game are a huge rip-off of Tangled? :/

  76. Lee says:

    Looking for neighbours & Crew!

  77. Yomama says:

    how do you find someone by email on facebook? i'm looking for more friends as well. thanks!

  78. nikki says:

    I have been playing the game for a couple months, and it does have some bug issues-my biggest problem however, is that there is a stereotypical new character named Mia. She is shapeless, has a distorted face, and forever wears a dumb expression on her face-looking just like the "Mammy" (Black domestic servant/slave) of the olden days! Who can I contact to express my shock/pain at this obvious insult? : (

  79. Jen says:

    I really enjoyed this game. Until it stopped working for me a few days ago. Now it won't let me click on any missions. It won't let me click on any craft buildings to craft objects that I need. I've tried it in both firefox and explorer to the same effect. How frustrating.

  80. sarah says:

    can sum1 help me i dont no wot to do the game wont let me accept neighbours

  81. Ivana says:

    Stopped working for me a few days ago. Please HELP!

  82. gemma says:

    is there a bug with the facebook game? because i get a notification that someone has added me, but when i click it.. it takes me straight tto the game and doesnt let me accept the request? how do i accept them?

  83. barb says:

    i need some neighbors for this game could you add me …thanks

  84. PissedOff says:

    why is everytime I log in the game it complitly crashes my computers sound???
    It only started to do this today….any sugestions?

  85. roads says:

    looking for more neighbors………

  86. sylvia haines says:

    i have been playing castleville for a while and suddenly i carnt play it ive had technical support from my surver and they say that the problem im having with loading it is down to adobe flash player which i might add is fully installed 4 days it has been now and im seriously not happy as it just wont load..

  87. Ellen says:

    why cant I banish a gloom rat…I can't see the sword, but I can banish all other beasties in my kingdom.

  88. mary says:

    I need neighbors…mesimpson26@gmail.com….put castleville in the invite PLZ:)

  89. Maurya says:

    Why does it not register coins available when it comes time to explore new area?

  90. Susan says:

    FB Castileville Gurus. Could you fix my page?! I did required actions and they didn't process. I also purchased 3 clover leafs as required by the game and they didn't show up. Very irritating!!!!!!

  91. Miguel castano says:

    add me, in need of neighbours miguelcastano@live.nl

  92. HGdubs says:

    I loved this game until Martha Stewart showed up on it. Why in the world would you have this criminal be a new mandated participant? I didn't like her before, certainly don't now. Why would I want her as a "neighbor" and have to look at her face on what is supposed to be an enjoyable game?

  93. And. says:

    ii.dreamer@yahoo.com —- please add me. i need neighbors 😀

  94. andrew says:

    missing the ancient shrine, dooes anyone know how to make it reappear?

  95. bryan says:

    need neighbors pls add me kimbryansoriano@yahoo.com

  96. nina says:

    i need neighbours plzz add me

  97. jackie says:

    trying to get castleville it says under neth error and it wont let me play what should i do can you help me

  98. petro says:

    How can i donwload castel ville for free on my computer, if i dont want to play it on facebook!

  99. eva says:

    does anyone know where baz's house is? I have baz but his house was not in my inventory. help!!!!!!!!

  100. Castleville Links says:

    Can't find that one item you need?
    Try here > http://castlevillegiftlinks.blogspot.com/
    We have a huge stock of over 70+ items.
    And over 100+ items for our fans.

  101. Ricko says:

    I can't find where to quit the game… just don't have time to play it, and people keep sending me requests. BTW, this is a problem of most facebook games. You have to register to take a look at it, and then you're engaged forever :p

  102. linda harwood says:

    For two weeks i have not been able to play castleville it will loaad but i cannot harvest animals or anything to pass missions.

  103. ahmedhady says:

    i like this game very much and i love it

  104. l mick says:

    can someone tell me how to redo a quest? I have freed George's pick but did not get credit. Some how I have to redo the quest to go on. It is the 2nd date quest 5 of 8

  105. teepoe1994 says:

    What may be a great review is ghastly turning players sour.The game is crashing ,refreshing,and reassembles nothing as of now as a medieval game.Martha Stewart for Easter, come on. They will not open up new land so everyone's Kingdom is a junkie mess.Now you do have to bug people for quests items from quests and some of it is right down spam they do not even play the game.You want to see what a mess this game as became go to their forum and look at the hundreds of complaints in bugs and issues.This game needs a new review. What once held a bright promise of a great game, has now turned into no better than Farmville and the rest.But CastleVilles issues run deeper.

  106. lindasue says:

    can not go to castleville will not let play says error,error

  107. Blake says:

    The review is not only biased but way out of date. Now, approximately 8 months after it's release, Castleville is one unholy mess. The problems with game play are way to numerous to mention here. Anyone reading this who plays knows exactly what I mean. This is the last of the Zynga games I play and after I block this one (in the not too distant future) I will no longer waste my time with there product.

    In the beginning it was heads above the rest of their games and on the whole had few issues and was a fun game to play.

    Now, like Farmville, Pioneer Trail, Cityville etc. it has become tedious and frustrating. In typical form as the game play issues increase, the quests and activity increases comparatively. Zynga refuses to fix the games issues that plague the players and instead piles on more "new stuff". It's baffling to me why they do this. Players drop and right and left so they only reason I can think of is they're catering to a small hardcore group of paying players who demand more challenges. Money talks.

    However that sounds crazy to me too as I'd not want to sink tons of cash into a game that crashes repeatedly, where visiting neighbors takes forever, where posts go missing into the internet ether, where increased begging makes the game hateful, where….oh forget it. I could go on but….that's my rant!

  108. oneklasielady says:

    I have lost Land End and have stuff to play there but can't gain access went to complain but that will not let me in either keeps asking for name when I give it it tells me I am alresdy signed up then it makes me do all kinds of stupid thing presumbably to protect me that is a lot of bull the stupid game just doesn't work I certainly will not pay for a game that just seems to frustrate me think I will go back to pogo for $45.00 a year it is looking better all the time

  109. Tim says:

    Blank screen

  110. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

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    And i’m satisfied reading your article. But want to statement on some basic things, The website style
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