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Release Date:  2011/8
Publisher:  Clapalong
Developer:  Clapalong
Genre:  Fantasy, Strategy

Castlot is a browser game developed by Power Hosts Technology Limited, a game company backed China-based YaoWan, which publishes Batheo,Warriors Saga and a few titles. The game was announced in July, 2011 and the closed beta is conducted in late September.


A traditional strategy MMO usually corners players into a dilemma, for it does include immersive military maneuver of dispatching armies with tactics but also contains irritating grinding process of building and general lack of animation of the fighting scenes. If that is the case which drives you away from such a genre, you may try Castlot, a strategy game but a different one. (A little bit like Chronicles of Merlin)

Castlot is unlike those with city-empire-building grinder, neither is it like others completely absent of all building part by offering players a built city or base. To be unique, it manages to keep the building process and make it pleasant, for it renders the city-building as part of the interesting quests.

Without any pre-set tutorial, quests popping up one by one serve as lead-in and warm-up. All spinned closely around a back story of knights’ chivalrous help to a princess, story-driven quests roll out in large number and with great variety, covering basic gameplay mechanics such as building, fighting, and exploring, etc. These quests, even in the low levels, are kinda interesting: instead of the blind clicking and then usual waiting for a resource build to complete or upgrade, Castlot has much better tasks to offer, such as repelling a dragon, exploring werewolf caves, recruiting a hero by Reward or Conquer, seizing an annexed land and placing it in Reinforced Case to protect it, forging a hero out of your ordinary soldiers by sending them through Dragon Trial to pick out the last survivor or placing a sly Goblin to non-friend players’ city to steal half of the resources yields from there had it not been driven out or captured in eight hours.

Story-driven quests simply connect all the playable of the game, of which the task of build is finished immediately after a simple click whether it is the type of Bureau, Military, Décor or Luxury, and the mission of military move turns out to be unexpectedly animated. When you initiate martial acts, you will enter a new interface, in which you can see the confronting combat scene with some animation, which is rarely designed in most strategy games, though its most action limited to simple hack-and-slash in turn between two sides. yet it’s a pity, and kind-of unfair, that the fighting figures in arena during challenge all appear to be males, even the dispatched hero of one side is clearly a female.

As usual, military move is the heavyweight, for it is where the strategy comes in. Diversified troop types are needless to say that six choices with distinct attributes are on offer to affect the number of heroes that can be dispatched to the battlefield; five different formations are also included to bring about corresponding bonus effects, such as +10% damage for Flying Wedge and +30% speed for Skirmishing Form; and besides the two common designs for players to give full play to tactics, there is also the Scheme to play an important role in strategic play. Schemes of nine types fall into roughly two categories: Clue, Paladin’s Wish, Altar’s Toll and Deserter’s Return will do good to your own and Poison, Assassinate, Provoke, Soldier Loss, Punish Goblin conversely will inflict harm against your opponents in one way or another. For instance, using Provoke can reduce the morale of the rival army by causing his/her soldiers to escape, while applying Deserters Return can call back deserted soldiers to your own army to enlarge the fighting scale. However, these interesting schemes are not for free but consume diamonds, or directly speaking, money. In fact, it is a just a strategy game not applaudable but understandable.

To put it simply, Castlot is interesting, in building, in quest, in strategy, and in all. It is really worth a try.


Castlot is set in the early 6th century medieval era during Britain’s struggle against the Saxon invaders. The game will have two separate factions — the Bright and the Dark. Led by Arthur, the Bright knights are responsible for protecting Britain and strike down those who would disturb its peace. While in the Dark faction, Lord Blackmore plans to eradicate every known power to rise as the land’s prime ruler.

The most important aspect in Castlot is battle: battling against NPCs, players and even leagues. “We are dedicated to bringing our players the best gaming experience, so we introduced both the conventional turn-based and the real-time combat mode to Castlot at the same time…Players can attack, raid, siege or even loot other players at any time.” It’s rather violent, wouldn’t you say? But in a war-torn world, showing sympathy will likely bring you at the mercy of your enemy.

What the Product Manager said:

Besides battles, Castlot also possesses an interesting interaction system – the Framing and Scheme system. With these two systems, you can play tricks, sabotage, and cripple on other players and their resources. For example, placing a Goblin in a player’s Annexed Land will allow you to steal the target player’s resources. If you are worried about lacking resources such as crops or irons and cannot upgrade your Castle, it is a viable strategy to utilize the Framing and Scheme system. Similarly, if you are strategic player and foresee another player’s attempt to place a Goblin in your Annexed Land, you are able to counter a scheme by setting a Trap in advance. “We hope to bring more fun to the players in Castlot. It is not simply a system, but an ability to utilize tactics and wits to deliver the most realistic strategy game experience possible.” said Johnson.

Last but not least, a powerful map system is also implemented in Castlot. Players can always find the target castles within their reach with the help of coordinates. When discussing this system, Johnson seemed to be very proud of it. “If you are familiar with Google earth map, then you will have no trouble using the Castlot map.”

Today’s game industry is immersed with various kinds of games. Needless to say, MMORPGs are one of the more popular ones. Castlot has what it takes to stand against the competition as it will appeal to many players and build a strong community among them through cooperation and competition. Now that the Closed Beta Testing of Castlot is going to kick off, interested players may participate and enjoy the game before its official release. Maybe you’ll get more out of it than you expect.

Join Castlot forum to discuss what you are expecting, or follow Castlot twitter.


14 Comments on Castlot


  1. mmogamesite says:

    After a year's management of Clapalong, China-based YaoWan seems to get the hang of how to leverage the internet sources to market their games. Strategically, they reached a partnership with many Chinese browser game developers, in a struggle to expand their overseas field, which is also encouraged by Chinese government. Thus far Clapalong has opened over 20 servers for Batheo, and scored about 1 million registered users.

  2. Witchy says:

    Just a question……………. isnt the aim of the game Dark faction vs Bright faction? That was my understanding. However, that is not the case…………… Darks are forced to fight darks, and vice versa, only ransacking allows you to interact with either side. Sort of defeats the purpose…… other than that large issue, game is pretty good.

  3. Elite says:

    Do not spend money on this game!
    ClapAlong's priority is to make quick money. Bugs take long long time to fix.

    First, as everyone has said, opening new servers while the first few hasnt even been properly fixed or populated. (and killing the previous servers population when players change to the newest server)

    Second, explore combat has just been getting worse and worse. First, all of the attack mechanics are bugged. Mages have the largest range for combat and yet, 9/10 times in battles where my ARCHERS are attacking, they are not. How does this make sense at all? Second, it is almost impossible to upkeep a large army to explore at the higher levels because of war elements on enemies like Call of the Dragon and Heal of God. These war elements consistently whittle away hundreds of your troops within a few rounds, and with the bugged mages makes it even worse.

    Finally, with the enemies having talents that increase your troops move speed, it makes going through 4k archers as simple as one round, because they speed to the front and die instantly.

  4. Equinox says:

    This has been one of the most annoying online games i have ever tried to play in my life.

    I find it hard to believe they actually expect people to play this bugged piece of RUBBISH !!!!!! I can understand all games have bugs that need fixing at some stage or another but this is just insane

    They take way too long to sort bugs out and don't tell me it all takes time and rehash the older posts about how hard it is etc ….. anyone with brains knows that you have to test a patch before actually implementing it.

    Do these idiots actually play their own game somehow i don't think so. Server 1 is in shambles yet they have opened up 2 more how the hell can you do that if you cant even get your first server working properly the game balance is all wrong.I have to give them credit that the idea they have for the game in general is a good one but they stuffed it up completely

    And running bug finding contest when there are 4 servers opened? And the reward is lame useless virtual currency! ClapAlong don't test their games themselves!

  5. Spanky says:

    Was thinking of making the move from Evony to this, but the comments make it sound like it would be more of the same BS I am looking to get away from. I appreciate the fact that those comments were left on the board when so many games delete comments that don't blow sunshine up their backsides.

  6. Savannah says:

    I think it is great. Much better than Evony. If you do spend money, you get more for it. But, coiners don't own the game, they have evened the playing field unlike Evony. You can't buy everything here.

  7. Savannah says:

    Evony has tons of bugs. All the time. I played for 3 years , doubt I will be back. This is way better.

  8. Ciel says:

    Typical that you always read about the whinners and complainers. It's a game and whilst there are coiners in-game, there are also those of us who freely and truly try to play it and do without as Savannah puts it. Anyone can acquire the war elements as mentioned by Elite…What i mean is, if you're good strategically and smart enough, you can survive in Castlot. Evony sucks. It's the worst ever and in general, most of Castlot's players are the Evony players who were disgusted with the way they've managed that game.

  9. 安琪儿 says:

    well castlot is a good game but the management sucks!!! The GM's or one particular one abuses players on his terms and the Management, she cannot or refuses to discipline or even address the player problems or issues. That's all i got to say~ Bad Management = Bad game in the end.

  10. Fatigue says:

    Game is ok, In a way, better than evony since coiners don't have big advantage here and if you'r smart , you can compete with big coiners with ease. .So they did something right. It gets boring at lv80 -100 .
    I would pay 20 bux to have fun for 3-4 months here, no more than that

  11. Sue Carlson says:

    I would like information on how to host the game. I am an American but my Server is actually in Germany. I and my partner are interested in hosting the game there. We would like information, forwarded to us please. twstyles@twstyle.net


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