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Release Date:  2012
Developer:  Seismic Games
Genre:  Simulation

CelebrityMe, developed by Los Angeles-based Seismic Games, recently made its stunning debut show on March 28, 2012.
Newly-founded by a team of videogame veterans, this fledgling studio is ambitious to establish its prominent status with this first ever title. And as far as I can see, all bode well for CelebrityMe, thanks to its intriguing storyline, fashionable elements and sophisticated gameplay.


The whole game starts with a compelling flashback. You are about to attend the premiere of your first Hollywood blockbuster, then everything goes back to the very beginning when you still wander about as an entertainer on the streets of Venice Beach.

To rise from obscurity to prominence, you will take part in a series of activities, like dressing up in fabulous gowns, posing elegantly for high-taste photographers and avoiding disturbing harassment of scandalous paparazzi. Besides, you should also shoot your own films and join in elite parties. It is far from easy to climb up the ladder of your career and harvest glistening success in the end, but the journey teems with enjoyment and ecstasy. You can actually live out your wildest fantasies and chase your American Idol-style dreams in CelebrityMe. The elation is beyond expression. You should really be there to know it.

What’s more, if you have outstanding performance, you will even get invitations from famous talk show hosts, like Whitney Opera.


CelebrityMe is a story-driven role-playing game. After the character creation, the game starts you off with your avatar’s red carpet debut at the premiere of his/her Hollywood blockbuster movie. The general game playing is quite easy; you just need to follow the sequence of quests to interact objects with simple mouse clicks: making a pose in front of a camera and signing autographs for your crazy fans.

Following the tutorial, you will be prompted to shoot a teaser trailer for your first blockbuster movie. In order to make sure the premiere go smoothly, you should carefully pick out the right outfit via tons of potential combinations of clothes, pants, skirts and accessories for the right circumstance in order to win hotness rating as high as possible. Besides, you will also have to choose one of your Face-book friends to co-star in the movie trailer.

Then the trailer begins to play. I would have to say watching my fully-customized video clips is really a hilarious experience which I never came across in other games before. The first blockbuster movie your avatar stars is named “Hindenburg”- the same name as the real-world famous airship which was accidentally destroyed during a flight mission. It is also apparently a tongue-in-cheek spoof of James Cameron’s “Titanic” by borrowing its signature scenes and dialogues. I think this feature in the game can get everyone into belly laughter.

After the successful premiere, your avatar will be asked about the story behind his/her success. Then the game story flashes back to the time when your avatar arrived in the city with nothing but a dream. In the small place called Venice Beach, you must use your strategy and your sense of fashion to make your avatar stand out from crowds of social icons. You need to enter various boutiques to search for pieces of their last collections. Guided by different celebrity agents, you should dress your avatar from head-to-toe in the appropriate clothing for different fashion showdowns like acting, music, and advertising. As you level up, new shops are unlocked with bigger collections and more difficult challenges can be received from these celebrity advisors.

CelebrityMe is also doing a good job in the virtual fashion field. The shopping options are abundant. Users have endless quests and chances to show off their unique fashion senses. It’s fun to play around with different looks and storm the stores in “Venice Beach”. Besides, being able to create funny videos to share with your friends is a nice touch. However, the game still has its drawbacks. Those animated performances of characters in video look a bit stiff and their faces are inexpressive, but I think it’s ok for a flash game on Facebook.. Besides, I think the game would be better if several other major fashion cities had been added for exploration.

Overall, CelebrityMe is a success and will certainly get fans of fashion simulations games to flock to it.

6 Comments on CelebrityMe


  1. Mike says:

    bring CelebrityMe back!!!

  2. mike says:

    and do it now!

  3. Dean Cameron says:

    I totally had the Hots for my Avatar! Actually, maybe it's healthier for me that they took it down.

  4. Sarah says:

    I miss this game. There aren’t many Facebook games that are as fun as this was. Why was it taken down?


  6. Allison says:

    Give us celebrityme back or ELSE!!!

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