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ChangYou Partners with BRIDEA to bring DaVinci Online to North America and beyond

Aug 11,2011  09:08 by

DaVinci Online, a first-person shooter developed by South Korean company BRIDEA, is going to enter into the European and American markets later this year.

On Tuesday, 9 August, ChangYou US, a subsidiary of Souhu announced that it had signed an agreement with BRIDEA to exclusive distribute Davinci Online in American and European regions. ChangYou is a leading developer and operator in China and US. And the game is scheduled to launch its closed beta in North America in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Earlier this year, BRIDEA has also closed a deal with a Taiwanese game company Pole Star Digital which acquires the right to operate the game in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The operation of DaVinci Online in Chinese mainland is currently under deliberation, but it is estimated that there will soon be a result.

Unlike Arma 2 and Hellgate, DaVinci Online is a mesmerizing MMO FPS which is set in the Renaissance era in the 16th century. In the game, players can dive into prosperous Milan in Italy and set foot on thriving Istanbul in Turkey. Moreover, players should choose between two warring forces, that is, the Pope who wants to maintain the status quo and the Republican who are fighting for a whole new world.

After you select your side, you start to join in numerous soul-stirring battles against your foes. DaVinci Online boasts a large variety of weapons, including pistols, crossbows, catapults and all sorts of melee arms.

Furthermore, you have access to various PVP and PVE modes, such as Duel, Group Combat, CTF (Capture the Flag) etc. With so many options available, the life in the ancient fantasy land will never be boring. Let’s just wait patiently!

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  1. summet says:

    Since long I am getting news that changyou has came to India and launched a website for indian market. http://www.cyou.co.in
    But when these guys are going to launch a game. All are waiting for new MMO. Come on changyou please give us great mmorpg soon.

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