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Chaos Rings

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As recorded in Genesis, the Almighty is irritated by the corrupting, sacrilegious human beings, so that He decided to eradiate all those sinners in an inescapable flood, except one loyal follower, that is Noah. So there is Noah’s Ark and all the animals in pair on the giant boat. Noah’s Ark is known to all; and now another Almighty and another Ark with its four chosen couples are starred in a completely new story from the game known as Chaos Rings.

Chaos Rings, made by Media. Vision and published by Square Enix, is a role-playing game exclusive to the platform of iOS and launched to the market early in 2010. Since its appearance in iPhone and iPad, popularity favors this game with most remarks and critiques, either by players or by media, being positive. Generally, it is thought highly of due to its terrific in-game music and excellent 3D graphics; but on top of those, what contributes most to its warm reception is the immersive and innovate storyline.

The Ark Arena, a novel, fictional place full of mysterious dungeons, is the spot where the journey of enigma sets off. Four couples are transported into this location with no clue for the reason they are chosen. Just being in one dungeon all of a sudden, each pair has to fight their way in the turn-based battles, as a solo fighter or as a cooperative unit. Players may choose the fighting mode by will and by judgment, for each combating mode carries its own blessing on its Achilles’ heels. Each pair proceeds along a unique path, braves different challenges of its own, and creates the one-of-a-kind legend, until their roads of destiny converge together at the very end when they need to join hands tackling down their common enemy, namely the monstrous Qualia.

What kinds of monsters and dungeons each couple has to encounter and conquer? Can they be able to overcome barriers and find the Companion’s Ring? And who will struggle to the end, basking in the sun of immortality? This journey withholds smooth road, rather full of twists and turns. Where will it lead to if the hero and heroine choose the Original Door? And what difference it will make if they head for Bereshith Road that is leading to the Final Door instead?

Surely, the plot spoiler is not welcomed by curious gamers. So if you are intrigued, why not play it and write a happy ending for yourself?

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