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Chaos Rings II

Chaos Rings II

Release Date:  March 14, 2012
Publisher:  SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.
Developer:  Media.Vision Inc.
Genre:  Action, RPG

Chaos Rings II, released in March 14, 2012,  one day ahead of schedule, is an iOS action role-playing game priced at $22.99 in the initial release. The game, which is developed by Media Vision and published by Square Enix, differentiates itself from the two previously released titles – Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega.

Chaos Rings II unfolds with a short narrative saying: “The Destroyer is going astray and wrecked every corner of the world. Darwin, the chosen one, fortunately finds his fate and is therefore determined to embark on the journey to save the world. He must end up slaughtering the sacrifices and offer their souls.”

Following the storyline-driven dialogue, you could choose you own fate and engage yourself in the battle.


Chaos Rings II, the latest addition to the “Chaos Rings” series (in succession to Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega) by Square Enix, has just landed on the mobile platform of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Compared with its two predecessors, Chaos Rings II has taken on a brand new appearance with its fabulous visual and audio effects, as well as distinctive character customization and settings. And the in-depth multi-story plot could all the more differentiate it from others.

Evolution of team combat system

In this upgraded title, you are allowed to be both engaged in “solo” and “pair” battles. On top of that, an influential turn-break, as well as a charge gauge is added. Charge accumulation will be achieved through either attacking or being attacked, which leads to the upgrade of your charge level. Consequently, varied critical hits which are of formidable power and effect, such as “Awake” and “Advent”, will be activated.

The moment the required amount of charge in the charge gauge is reached, SOLO Command will be triggered, which is at the cost of the loss of the corresponding charge level.

Darwin-centered storyline

There is a massive multi-storyline focusing on Darwin’s struggle for re-sealing. You will experience the plot changes which totally depend on the order of different characters’ offering sacrifice. Aside from that, once you, by use of “Advent”, have built a close relationship with the figures that are sacrificed, such an order mentioned just now will alter, which will then lead to your favorable or unfavorable turns in the game.

In addition, you are granted the freedom to voluntarily organize your squad. What should be noticed is that there are some special skills that can be utilized on non-combat maps. For example, by implementing “Mystic” and “High Jump”, you can gain an easy access to those places that are usually impenetrable.


Personally speaking, gorgeous graphics and haunting character voices largely contribute to the game’s marvelous first impression left to players. For the previous two titles, dubbing is updated after they had been released. By comparison, in this series, this is the first time that character voices have been accompanying me throughout the gameplay, which greatly encourages and excites me to exploit more about its features and solemn plot. Unexpected voices burst out all of a sudden when you are going through tough scenarios, astonished? Well, I say it’s more than just amazing, although the result is that I am frozen at every pore. See the difference? Dubbing is not always part of the post production work behind the scenes.

Then, let’s get down to the absorbing battle system. Owing to the added “Awakening of Critical Hits” and “Advent of Holy Beast”(translated from Japanese), there comes a more strategic system which further leads to more refreshing and exciting gaming experiences. Moreover, I’ve noticed that there are some exquisite minor changes, signaling some improvements in RPG games. Above all, one thing is sure, since the theme song “Celestial Diva” is brought by Minori Chihara, it is presumable that this game will be a great hit. Anyway, no one will refuse a masterpiece with melodic tone.


A storyline molded by the player’s choices
Hidden bosses and endings
Enhanced graphics using a new rendering engine
A strategic new battle system
An array of character voices and music

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