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Checkmate Online

Checkmate Online

Release Date:  April,2012
Publisher:  KoramGame
Developer:  KoramGame
Genre:  Strategy

Checkmate Online (CheckMate, or Chinese:将军) is a browser-based strategy game developed by KoramGame, a China-based gaming company behind games such as Dragon Born, Heroic Odyssey, Chronicles of Merlin, and Spirit Tales.


The announcement of the latest browser-based RTS Checkmate Online by KoramGame, will once again shift your attention back to battlefields of the World War, where flames of war were floating over, and panzer tanks and spitfire planes were on a rampage. The story unfolds from the moment when Europe was involved in this devastating warfare not long after Adolf Hitler came into power in Germany, and the game covers a traditional theme of life-and-death combats between evil and justice.

All significant events are vividly and authentically reproduced in this game, such as the Battle of Britain and the Siege of Leningrad, in which courage, determination and perseverance play such an essential role that they sometimes define your destiny in the battles. Many of the gaming features deliver all excitement of a strategic action game, such as the “City War” where you are to take sovereignty over the cities to fulfill the unification of Europe.


Checkmate is not a new game. In essence, it is another empire builder. Players gather resources; build up constructions to unlock advanced technologies and better troops, and things like that. But with some of the recent welcoming systems added to the genre, the game tries to distinguish itself from the ones that players normally have seen.

Login bonus encourages players to login to the game as often as possible in order to be rewarded with resources and items, which escalate for every consecutive day. The daily quests earn you daily quests points, which are redeemable and can be traded for gift packs. Over the set of detailed 7-day newbie guides in game, beginners will be taken through each of the 7 days of their protection free week. The newbie quests will show players what they should be doing and what they should have at the end of each day. Of course, accomplishing each mission can give players rewards, and successfully beating all the challenges of a day gives players a worthy mystical reward.

The AI-controlled single-player campaigns cover some significant events replicated from real history. Players are given Honor Points for technology research after winning battles. Battle units are classified into 3 genres: infantries, artilleries, tanks and interact in a rock-paper-scissor basis. Farming campaigns is a good way to grind Exp and Honor points especially for beginners. Game system freely loads each general with tie 1 units of maximum amount equal to his/her troop capacity. So players do not necessarily need to send their own armies to the battle and will never care about the loss of casualties. This feature turns it into a game in which players compete to bulk up their officers. On the topic of general, they play the same role as they do in other empire builders. You can get random generals with different stats and skills based on their rarity; obviously the gold is the best while white is the worst and you start with a blue (your lord). From there, you can build and level up your “Military Academy” in order to try to get a better chance in receiving a rarer grade general. However, it does seem fairly rare for you to get anything higher than white. In the time I have played, by checking my own Military Academy every 10 minutes, I have only seen and been able to hire white grade generals, so it seems that getting anything above that is fairly rare unless you are willing to invest real world money.

The game also provides some social elements: democratic elections for each faction take place at regular intervals in which President, Minister of National Defense, Minister of National Logistics and some others will be elected. They are given the right to grant privileges to other players: for example, the generals they choose will occupy a variety of ranks, and rank will determine their sphere of influence and kinds of actions they can do. Whoever holds such a position can influence the fate of the entire faction in his or her own favor. It sounds pretty cool, because the game offers users enough creativity.

Overall, Checkmate is very similar to other WW2-based games such as War 2 Glory, Operation Gamma 41. Fundamentally, it can be described as the retelling of “Batheo” in the form of WW 2 theme. If you want to experience the realistic WW 2 warfare on the web, avoid this game; while if you just want to take a funny journey to a Chinese-coded program, rush to the game now.

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