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Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Zynga
Developer:  Zynga
Genre:  Simulation, Social

ChefVille is a flash social game on Facebook where players are able to create and mange their dream restaurant and kitchen. In the game, players role play as a chief chef and restaurant manger to design their own ideal 4-star kitchen by crafting delicious recipes and entertaining their guests and friends.

ChefVille is announced in June 26, 2012 along with another new Two titles FarmVille 2 and The Ville. The game bears many similarities with Zynga’s Café World, which currently has over 700,000 daily active players.


In the game, you are invited to the culinary event of the year. You gather your friends and make tasty dishes of different countries. To do so, you must visit your different country Cookshops and find the freshest ingredients on a mission to craft the most delectable recipes. Take a simple example, if you have ingredients such as water, rice, wheat flour and you can make rice noodle. While if you want to make a shredded pork with sweet bean paste, you will have to go to Chinese CookShop. Fundamentally, the cooking takes time depending on the specific food you want. Some

In the mean time, you can also share your achievements and ingredients you got. Upon the level up of dishes, you can earn more coins extra mastery points. Of course, in your restaurant, you can offer VIP Services to your guests and friends who are able to review your restaurant.


ChefVille comes after The Ville. And it should, because it is way better than the previous title from its developer. After all, it just seems ridiculous to make money by hanging around with your friends in your house.

Fortunately ChefVille doesn’t offer such absurdity. In this game, players start in a small restaurant, prepare ingredients, cook meals and then serve them to customers. Most of your revenues would come from the customers. And to increase your revenues, you have to serve dishes of various kinds to satiate customers, seek for ingredient resources, and expand the restaurant.

Collect tomatoes, onions, and mushroom in the yard, serve salads and hamburgers from the stations, bring the dishes to the customers, or even send flowers to them. Everything you do in ChefVille is so natural that you wouldn’t feel a little bit awkward when doing those things. Interestingly, you can serve the customers yourself and then obtain generous tips but that comes with a price – you have to use your limited energy to serve them. If you don’t respond to customers’ needs, your waiter would handle it, though in that case you would make much less money.

Cooking is relaxing, serving customers is profitable but collecting the materials is troublesome sometimes. Since each dish requires several kinds of ingredients, you have to go far beyond than just collecting in your yard. You have to open up unexplored areas to claim the shelves or cases that produce flours, lettuces and bread at certain intervals and hire your friends (or pay money, of course) to start the businesses of the facilities that process milk or beef.

And those would never be easy. First of all, you need to accumulate enough stars and recommendations to unlock the areas. The stars are obtained as you cook dishes for several times and the recommendations come from your customers if you provide VIP services to them, or to send roses.

Guys, roses are red or not we wouldn’t care for the least bit. But they are rare and expensive in ChefVille. You send a few flowers and you will have to wait for 8 hours for more. But a quest requires items from a locked area, which can be opened up only if I earn 10 recommendations and meet other requirements, so I would not finish the quest until the next day.

That is not the only stuff that holds players back in the game. After one reaches level 4, the energy could be lost so quickly that they always have to wait for the refill. Some dishes need hours to finish. Also, you might not be able to hire staff for your facilities even if you add friends particularly for playing this game because the neighbor adding is just lame. Actually my friend and I both refreshed the page for several time before we successfully added each other as neighbor. And the friends I added from the ChefVille page never show up in my selection list though some of them had already friended me.

However, the charming figures and detailed animation serve as a delight themselves. For example, the customers come and wait for a meal, and then leave with or without being served. But you can relax yourself, for they are not very demanding and wouldn’t ask for dishes you haven’t cooked.


It is easy to fall in love with ChefVille, given its entertaining graphics and interesting management gameplay, but this is not a game where you could make process pretty fast and get bored before long. It is rather a place where you have to choose between long waits and money and between bothering friends and paying money. It is complicated but still, there is no way you should keep away from it without even a try.

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  1. louise says:

    whens it out

  2. brian says:

    cant earn any fooking money
    …wtf? i aint paying nobody

  3. mmm says:

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  4. Theo says:

    I need neighbor's!

  5. jebs says:

    why my recomendation always lost after 1 day w/o using it pls.help

  6. jebs says:

    i cant expand already my area coz of recomendation always lost with out using it please help

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