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Cities of Legend

Cities of Legend

Release Date:  December 15, 2012
Publisher:  Wicked Sweet Games
Developer:  Wicked Sweet Games
Genre:  Strategy, Action

Cities of Legend is a Facebook social game developed by Wicked Sweet Games in collaboration with Marie Lu and CBS Films. The game takes place in the year 2130 A.D. when the United States is no longer united and split into two factions. In the West, the republic rules with an iron fist, but rebels lurk in the shadows.

Loosely inspired by the CBS Films’ movie Legend that is originally authored by Marie Lu, Cities of Legend allows players to solove puzzles, engage in the intense battle and deploy their strategy in the fight for order or freedom. In the game, you will meet the familiar characters and locations that appear in the Book Legend, but no more details were announced.

On the Facebook page of “Cities of Legend”, there appears a gallery of concept pictures illustrating what you may imagine in the Book Legends including characters and locations such as Los Angeles Central Hospital and Laboratory.

Will you fight for order in the name of the republic or will you join the rebels in the battle for revolution?


Cities of Legend mixes Gomoku mechanics with hero fighting elements. The player chooses to be on the side of Republic or the Rebels and send his or her heroes to battles.

In the game, players alternate in placing the their own chips, either in red or blue, and once their own chips form an unbroken line of three or more chips on the board, no matter that is a horizontal, perpendicular or diagonal one, they will get an increase in their rage, and once the rage is high enough, players are able to launch attacks on their enemies.

Since the battles and actions are all automatic, players simply trigger fights instead of attending fights. By landing attacks and forming unbroken lines, players will earn scores and when time is up, the party with the higher scores wins.

That is to say, the best move would be to break your opponents’ lines while forming your own ones at the same time. You need to think twice before placing any chip, take advantage of enemies’ moves, and break their lines as much as possible.

The game, however, tends to offer a traditional game in the disguise of a popular fighting title. No matter how much fun it offers, it makes no big difference if one simply chooses to play Gomoku itself.

The combat contents are too weak for players to find any satisfaction or enjoyment. The power-ups you purchase from the shop complicate or facilitate the board game in most cases while assisting in battles only once in a while, for example, the Health Gain can heal your hero.

The unbalanced gameplay offers a new approach for relishing Gomoku but fails to provide a truly exciting and enjoyable gaming experience that is reasonably expected from a mixed title. Anyway, Cities of Legend falls into a monotonous and fixed pattern and feels bored, and it won’t take you more than an hour to finally say to yourself: hmm, this is just a waste of time.

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