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Citizen Grim

Citizen Grim

Release Date:  August 26, 2012
Publisher:  Eruptive Games, Zynga
Developer:  Eruptive Games
Genre:  Action, Blood

Citizen Grim is an arcade style top-down shooter game that combines zombies, power-ups, property-management, and perks all into a high action, all thriller fun extravaganza in short bursts.


Maybe the concept may seem repetitive and old at first thought( and it is), but the beauty and fun comes from actually participating in the craziness of zombie slaughter. It features the Diablo-esque game play taking on the battles against those walking dead. You plow through ever-increasing levels of difficulty, enjoy zombie-killing fun using weapons such as shovel, hand gun, and Molotov cocktails. It’s just very rhythmic in the way of mouse-clicking, frantic pleasing and appallingly difficult.

The game is essentially a turret-defence game with zombie-survive twist, so the classic gameplay formula is here but it’s still fun. You basically run around in a limited city area blasting away the bloodthirsty reapers with assorted weapons.

In each level, there is a set number of zombies which must be eliminated before you can proceed to the next. Pre-built facilities and buildings are available from the beginning, but you are still free to construct others on the empty plots according to the demand of potential needs. Because these backdrops have great effect on the flow of the zombies, the choice and positioning of the constructions is the essential strategy of the game, which you need to take advantage of. By effectively and strategically placing these buildings, you can turn your base into a “maze”, which will earn you enough time to kill them off before they get close enough to cause any damage.

In addition to that, buildings of Citizen Grim also serve as resource-replenishment function and you may probably find the similar counterparts in other city-simulator or strategy genre. There are three categories of buildings: “Army Surplus”, which generate ammo after each specific time interval. Although guns vary from pistols to flamethrower, but it seems that all of them chew through the same type of ammo, and they gets used up too quickly so I am forced to back off and reload. The other is the “Pharmacy”, which gives you addition first aid kits; while the last is the “Bank”, which earns you money and you can spend money on weapons, ammo, upgrades,armor and so forth by accessing the marketplace the button on the lower-right UI.

The only and the biggest gripe I have with the game is that the enemy AI is really terrible. They will frequently get stuck while they are getting through narrow passages, or just simply spin in circles until you kill them. Since the new level is not able to automatically proceed until all the enemies have been killed. This means you can deliberately leave the last enemy alive in order to win precious time for the timely ammo replenishment. By taking advantage of this bug, you can turn the tide of the game, but on the other hand , it greatly steals the fun and difficulty of the game.

Speaking of graphics, most players who know the top-down Shoot’Em-Up games know exactly what the graphics will and won’t be. The camera is the standard isometric view with a classic 2D look. You won’t see much new here aside from the entire cast of enemies. While the graphics are dated, enemies are less detailed and look almost the same, but you probably won’t be too bothered by that. As they still serves their job until they become a splatter of red and gore. The game has no background music, but only monotonous zombie growl plus the siren screaming alerting the new waves of enemies, so I quickly muted them in audio settings, because I cannot stand them for very long.

Citizen Grim also exerts socialization to a great extent. If you have a long list of friends, you can save much money, you can recruit friends as mercenaries, which otherwise need to be unlocked at the cost of gold bars per head. More people means more loot, not just for the quick level-up of gameplay, but also for the sake of money.

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  1. neil says:

    where is citizen grim?????????? i get to play every month or so and i cant find it!

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