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City of Heroes Freedom: SuperHero MMO offers limited Free-to-Play options

Sara Lau
Jun 23,2011  03:06 by

The ever popular online game City of Heroes will be going free to play with limited options such as level cap, contents, services and premium weapons and customization.

NCsoft confirmed that its once thriving super hero MMORPG would be published under the new title City of Heroes Freedom, offering two options for both former subscription-based online gamers and future Free to play gamers. This move gives players another choice to experience the superhero online game for free. Yet for those who want to discover and explore more contents, they should be able to afford the membership. To some extent, this “freedom” move is just a way to attract those players have never played City of Heroes before.

With the launch of City of Heroes Freedom, lots of new contents are planned.

The so-called VIP membership will thus have access to all content of “COH freedom”. Alternatively, you can also simply use the item shop, where items can be purchased with the new game currency Paragon.

Based on the information and FAQs from the official website, NCsoft is now planning more premium contents including some powerful weapons, advanced equipment, and some special items.

Worries for the balance of City of Heroes Freedom

Indeed, the F2P Model brings much more convenience, allowing players to avoid a monthly fee to access the game. But the problem is the rich players will get more power and privilege to defeat those who do not pay for the services. The result is this seemingly funny mechanism finally destroy the game itself. The richest, the Best!

Free to play, or pay to play?

To be, or not to be, that is the question!

How many online video games going free to play?

Similar to World of Warcraft, DDO, Warhammer Online, and browser MMORPG HeroSmash, City of Heroes has accumulated a loyal player base in the past seven years.  But during this period, a rising trend in the online games and MMO field is to offer digital download or direct access for free and then generate revenue via virtual item sales.

Hybrid MMORPGs such as Lord of the Rings Online, Age of Conan Unchained, Neverwinter Online, EQ 2, APB: Reloaded and Fallen Earth have successfully led the way and broke the new ground to retain existing market. The Free to play business model makes sense as long as the game offers awesome experience.

Not alone, the LEGO Universe also joins the free to play family with a hybrid options. Maybe, in the future, we could see more free to play Massive multiplayer online games like RIFT, WOW, and SWTOR.

The release date is not yet confirmed in the FAQ, but once we got the latest updates, we will make an announcement on DotMMO.com

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  1. deathsentry says:

    balance is fine so far.. both free and vip are working out great…its demise is prematurely advertised..as usual

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