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City of Steam – Closed Beta Just Around the Corner

Sara Lau
Nov 16,2012  09:11 by

Ok, calm down. Breathe. Yes, the rumors are true! The Closed Beta Test for City of Steam is only a few days away! Please, stop hyperventilating. On the 16th of this month Mechanist Games will be opening the gates to Nexus, where you fleeing refugees will be able to flood into the city. It shall be glorious.

Check what the team said in its latest press release.

For those of you who have been waiting since the Alpha Tests or even the pre-pre-Alpha Tests, thank you for your patience and on-going support! A lot of improvements have been made from your suggestions, feedback and bug reports. We hope the Closed Beta Test will be everything you hoped for and more!

New in the Closed Beta are Challenge Dungeons, let’s see if you can beat those! Next to that we’ve improved the tutorials, which are now 142% more story driven, the NPCs have become more talkative, we’ve improved the UI, smoothened up the controls and made the cutscenes more cinematic. The Closed Beta Test will have 9 player races and 4 classes, loads of dungeons to explore and heaps of items to find and customize.

We’ve also launched the Steam-o-Meter a short while ago, the more support we get from you the more awesome features we’ll be able to add! To see what you can do to help us please follow this link. The challenge dungeons, powered gauntlets and our first tier of developer humiliation have already been unlocked. But there is still a lot more to go, fantastic additions like dwarves, Steambikes, Prestige Classes, a Transmuter and more developer humiliations have not been reached yet! So check it out and tell your friends, the faster we unlock the different levels the sooner we can give you more awesome stuff.

We’ll still be sending out keys as we run up to the Closed Beta Test. Some of our partner sites are also giving away keys, so if you haven’t got one yet please check there! Guaranteed access will be granted to our wonderful Supporters who have purchased Collaborator Packs, so why not pick one up yourself?

Speaking of which, it’s still a Beta Test so please continue to help us by reporting any new bugs you find and any feedback, suggestions, ideas, thoughts, questions or general comments you may have about the game. We are devs who care! The more bugs or issues that are reported, the better the released game will be! There is a ticket system in place here, we will also send out a fun questionnaire after the end of the Beta so you can evaluate your playing experience.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    It's awesome! There are alot of bugs – but that's okay, It's only in Beta testing still. The graphics are flawless (almost) and it's pretty hard to believe it's a browser game. I'm running around taking screenshots of everything, making sure they get fixed with time. It has an amazing background in gameplay and a "must" on the game charts. I wager It will be the browser game of the year.

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