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CityVille is one of most popular social games available at Facebook. The game is made by Zynga behind games FarmVille, Mafia Wars, and it incorporates elements from farm managing and city building simulations. CityVille turns out to be a hit at launch and remains popular in progress with supportive active monthly users on Facebook. And with five languages available, it is verified to call it an international game.

In Sep 28 2011, CityVille landed on Google Plus Network, dissipating all doubts that Zynga was exclusively partnering with Facebook.

It is also being challenged from the Sims Social, which has scored roughtly 65,471,547 monthly active users.


If you are asked to choose one metropolis in the world that you can emigrate to and settle down, which city will be your immediate choice? Will it perhaps be Paris, the City of Romance basking in the aroma of grace, leisure and fashion? Would it possibly be New York, beaming with aspiring vigor to drive the hustling and bustling life always on the go? Or rather your favorite will be Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, or Seoul? Answer varies from person to person. And now you can build your own ideal city, none like any one mentioned above yet likely to be all. Welcome to CityVille.

Taking up the role of Mayor, players will shoulder the ability to grow an obscure city into a glamorous metropolis. In a down-to-earth manner, players will attend to various businesses, ranging from the priorities such as clearing wasteland to build infrastructural buildings and develop agriculture to the possibilities like unlocking more architecture and better citizens’ living standards. If all these trivial quests are done not at random or on a whim, but carried out in orderly sequence as indispensable parts of the whole picture, the futuristic metropolis will take shape at a stable and quick rate.

In addition to the traditional city building feature, this game is all the more socialization-encouraging, demonstrated clearly in the importance attached to the role of friends and neighbors in the game. Every motion of avatars in the game consumes energy points, which requires players to make plausible plans for their in-game activities. But energy points can be earned if players pay visits to friends’ cities and offer a hand in crops harvest, rent collection, construction or the like. It is a win-win strategy, for help-receivers could save energy and accelerate the completion of quests while helpers could earn energy and other bonuses. So help friends is helping oneself.

Building the city as if living out a dream, one can surely build the dream city of one’s own.

Since CityVille is released, there has been a trend of cloning it. The most popular clone games are Farm Town, and Ramacity .

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