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CityVille 2

CityVille 2

Release Date:  November 2, 2012
Publisher:  Zynga
Developer:  Zynga
Genre:  Social Game

CityVille 2 is a new sequel to Zynga’s CityVille, a city builder where players role play as a mayor to construct their city from a small town to a thriving metropolis.


CityVille 2 may impress new combers with its fresh 3D graphics and and step-by-step instructions, but it fails to deliver a new unique experience for mid-core social gamers and only consists of performing actions like clicking, building, and collecting. The experience is also weakened by repetitive pop-ups like friend’s invitation, and promotion information.

CityVille 2 does have a story-driven mission that requires players to follow the mission to search and collect common or special items, but it ends up in endless clicks. Even worse, Most of the time, you consumed energy, but failed to get the required items despite numerous clicks, only to find you have to toggle between Day/Night Mode to gather such items.

To some extent, the Day/Night mode only serves for a feast for the eyes with no substantial functions, more often than not letting players take superfluous actions to waste energy.

The new version of CityVille underscores premium items too much, always seeking ways to notify players to buy Golden keys in order to finish quests and collect from businesses more quickly.

CityVille 2 technically performs not so smoothly as FarmVille 2 does. The server occasionally responds with minor delay even though I follow the performance tips Zynga suggests and install all latest video drivers, flash player and browser.

All in all, CityVille 2 falls into the “City Builder” genre of disappointments, annoyance and boredom. The new sequel that seems to galvanize Zynga in a short period of time when launched, will eventually fade into insignificance.

3 Comments on CityVille 2


  1. Lotus Blade says:

    After 2 days of playing it becomes really booring, you just repeat same actions again and again, but main problem is – to construct Building "A", you must first collect lots of resources from building "B", but also need resources for "B" from "C" and you need clicks clikcs clicks… endless ammount. With time you need also craft special resources to construct something and they can be crafted only if you collect from "D", "F" and "G".

    First you click houses to create customers (like 5+ for each building), then you need to click your Garage to make special goods cars, then you need to click business building to summon car inside, after that you must wait untill customers will wolk into your business building and only in the end you can collect coins. Game is very exhausting. You also need to click cars for builders.

    And yes – its laggin. But to have additional bonuses from buildings, you must click in proper times without any delays or lags. You cannot construct something big untill you construct medium and little, or go pay money for ingredients. You end up with lots of useless ingame coins and you cant spend them at all, since most of time you wait for energy to get items.

  2. Anthony says:

    Le jeux sera t'il sur zynga.com ?

  3. eddie says:

    Varför kommer jag inte in på city ville 2

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