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Clash of Kingdoms

Clash of Kingdoms

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  koramgame.com
Genre:  Historical

Times of turmoil produces war heroes. Nation of turbulence generates strategists. Traced back to the year 184 AD of ancient China, the downfall of Han Empire just triggers the advent of such an eventful period, which is wide-acknowledged in history as the Three Kingdoms Period. It is an ambitious period with uncertain yet infinite opportunities for all walks of life, including the outlaws, the visionary and the warriors, etc. and the game named Clash of Kingdoms will shove us all into the vicissitude of that war-torn epoch.

Clash of Kingdoms is a free-to-play, browser-based, real-time strategy game (MMORTS) around the theme of warfare in the setting of Three Kingdoms Period. Under the tag of city construction and management as well as real-time strategy, this game seen from the perspective of the whole storyline follows the traditional scheme, which can be summed up as collecting resource in the first place, then expanding the city and at last waging wars against other opponents. Typical as they were, these tasks require adjusted strategies to fit the specific design of this game. For instance, resource collection is a common task familiar to players, but in this game four kinds of materials listed as wood, iron, stone and grain should not be placed in the equal position, rather priority should be given to different ones in light with changing conditions. Besides, the location of certain resource or military buildings also needs considering to make the right decision for this game.

In addition to the minor changes mentioned, this game distinguishes itself from others of the same category in that it attaches great importance to the interaction and collaboration among players. Such an ideology is demonstrated in its three featured designs, that is, the Election System, the Legion and the Kingdom Warfare. In the election system, every citizen will select the Premier and two assistant Ministers out of capable candidates, who will become the decision-makers in the interest of their subjects to supervise both civilian and military issues. As to the legions system, it offers players an opportunity to establish a community-scaled group to take up diversified quests, different from the nationwide grand wars which are designed under the Kingdom Warfare system.

The background of this game is grand; and its topic is epic. In the game world created in Clash of Kingdoms, players will not fight alone but will become part of the legend by engaging large-scaled, throat-cutting wars among three nations.

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