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Clash of Kingdoms v1.30 Released, Bug fixes, New features, Heroes and more

Sara Lau
Aug 10,2011  10:08 by

The latest version of Clash of Kingdoms v1.30: Rise of Champions, has just completed its first full week, and opened its first entirely v1.30 server. According to game managers, all of the major bugs have been ironed out, and the game is now ready for all players, old and new alike, to come and try out the new features, heroes, and abilities.

By far, the most welcomed change to the game has been the addition of new abilities, some of which are far different from any the players of previous versions have seen. One such ability is Supreme Fear, which causes an enemy to retreat when being attacked. Another, which made waves throughout the CoK community, was Hell’s Cavalry. This ability allows squads to attack enemies in additional squares around their intended target. This led numerous players to transform their heroes, so they could attain this new ability, within the first week.

The new training system has also made it easier for newer players to get their heroes leveled up before they begin to do battle with other Kingdoms. Now players will not have to waste valuable food or stamina, and instead, will gain experience over a set amount of time. Create your account here or Play it on Facebook.

Even though there are a number of new features which will help new players, old ones have not been forgotten either. For instance, the new Scroll Exchange feature makes it much easier for more experienced players to get rid of useless training scrolls, and exchange them for new ones. Additionally, the Honor Shop will allow more combat oriented players to spend Honor Points (which are gained through doing battle) on a select number of items.

There has been one other thing added which has changed the game, for the better; that is deployment minimums. Before, in CoK, players would often deploy weak heroes with a squad of one solider to battle, and use them to distract the enemy, while they slaughtered them in the first round, with their stronger heroes. The new deployment minimums have begun to insure that the strongest Kingdom wins the battle, not the Kingdom with the largest amount of players.

As a whole, the first week of the new Clash of Kingdoms appears to have been a success. So far, I’ve seen quite a few new players come back to try it. If there was a time to give Clash of Kingdoms a shot, or to come back after a long break, it’s now.

For more information on Clash of Kingdoms, you can follow them on Facebook. http://ck.koramgame.com/

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