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Clash of Olympus

Clash of Olympus

Release Date:  December 4, 2012
Publisher:  Boyojoy
Developer:  Boyojoy
Genre:  Browser MMORPG

Clash of Olympus is a browser-based side-scrolling MMORPG from Shanghai-based Boyojoy, the maker of browser game Call of Gods. In the game, players role play as knight, mage or archer to travel through different maps on a mission to battle against monsters, Gods and NPCs.

The game is all about grinding with aimless clicking, something akin to those represented in Dragon’s Call 2, Immortal Realms and Dawn of darkness, yet the visual design bear a strong resemblance to that of Call of Gods.


Clash of Olympus feels like a game that attempts to calls forth your memories of how Dawn of Darkness, Wartune Online, Immortal Realms and DC2 work. It is packed with all familiar stuff like brainless auto-directing, turn-based auto-fighting, meaningless clicks, as well as blurry maps in a fantasy style. Nevertheless, the game exists perhaps with something satisfactory.

Like most of MMOs, Clash of Olympus gives players an option to choose one of six different characters — three different classes of both genders — and then directly enter the world to have a conversation with NPCs to fulfil a series of quests. The quests, whose difficulty increases gradually as players challenge different dungeons, simply walk through players to familiarize themselves with the ingame systems and rewards them with equipment, armor and other basic items as they win battles. All quests come predictable with the same formula – talk to an NPC, pick up a quest, go to a instanced map and then go back to report your results to the questgiver.

Clash of Olympus is not well-presented compared to IGG’s Dawn of Darkness. There is an asset loading bar showing all the way you progress. Each time you encounter a monster, the system will load some assets; Each time you quit a battle, there is a loading screen popping up; Each time you enter a new map, there appears a loading bar. This causes a lot of problems when your network speed is not fast enough.

Graphics in Clash of Olympus feel like a cluster of pieces of fantasy artworks and characters and environments are all blurred. some characters seem to be directly borrowed from Call of Gods. After all, they are made by the same team.

There are a lot of problems aside from the visible part. During the battle, there is a “Go” button that directs you to battle monsters. Basically, players would like to follow the Arrow Go Button to proceed, but that is sometimes unresponsive. At this time, you will have to click other points around the button to occasionally solve this issue. On the other hand, the auto-fighting gives you no privilege to control your characters  during a battle, and the result is totally pre-determined by the system. If pre-determined, there should be a Button to skip the boring fighting animation.

Clash of Olympus almost carries all weaknesses of what a Chinese MMO cannot avoid. It cannot recapture your interest to play such game once you’ve been in the game for at most 3 minutes.

4 Comments on Clash of Olympus


  1. Thorn says:

    This game has many many bugs. I would strongly suggest you wait, or not even play until they have been resolved. It has been open live for just under 2 months, and has many unresolved bugs. People have lost real money thus far, with little or no compensation.

  2. Kayla Del says:

    lol the instant i tried this game i left all it said to me was it was going to fail T.T

  3. Chantail says:

    The problem with these games is that they say they are free but you can't play the game to the full extent if you don't pay money to get certain things. FREE should mean FREE people!

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