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Clone: War2 Glory, WW2 Warfare, Dawn of Nation, The Stratagems

Sara Lau
May 6,2011  10:05 by

China-based Joyfort is launching a War 2 browser game The Stratagems advertised on Facebook, which aroused my interest of investigating this game.

At first, this game looks like a browser-based game set in the second world war with city building and army management gameplay. I am not sure why the developer Wistone cloned so many games using different title.

But Here comes why it makes sense: Wistone tries to bring its game into all countries. In Germany, It is licensed to Just A Game GmbH under the new name War2 Glory, which in 2010, has been published under English website http://www.war2glory.co.uk/

It is not to promote Wistone brand, but under different domain and different publishers.

However, as we investigated deep into the early version of War2 Glory, we found there are tons of such games existing in China. The exactly similar games are as follows:

War 2 that is published by MyCNX at http://war2.mycnx.com/index.php?lang=eng

Dawn of Nations is published by Element36 Interactive, a Shanghai-based game startup. http://www.dawnofnations.com/ww2_don_index.php

So what is original one? This should be traced back to Chinese version called 二战风云 http://ww2.wistone.com/

However, the thing never ends up with where we thought, but a game called WW II Assembly comes into my view with slightly different interface, but the same gameplay. It is obviously developed by Playcomet, a Shanghai-based online game company. As I checked its forum and found its previous version is WWII Warfare that has already had 7 severs.

So do you know the relation between them?


1, On May 14, 2011,  Playcomet relaunched its War 2 online game under the title WWII Rage, but this newest version qualifies the best second world war browser game.

2, WARSTORY – Europe in Flames also takes place in the war-torn WWII period.

3 War 2 Victory lands on iPhone and iPad.

4, War2 Glory is reborn as Operation Gamma 41.

3 Comments on Clone: War2 Glory, WW2 Warfare, Dawn of Nation, The Stratagems


  1. […] itself into a new look under its previous title War 2 Glory, which has already been reborn as Dawn of Nations, The Stratagems and War 2 victory that is from iPhone […]

  2. @Tuxxin says:

    Thank you for the information, I was digging about the company Joyfort and came across this. It's too bad they offer really bad customer service…

  3. William says:

    I agree Joyfort are useless when it comes to customer service & responding to submitted tickets.

    I am now on war2glory asn it seems to be a lot better than Joyfort, if you are a cash player you get more diamonds for you money, but some things are more expensive especially the officer equipment.

    I have also hear that there is a Spanish & Italian version of the same game….

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