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Cloudforest Expedition

Cloudforest Expedition

Release Date:  2011/09
Developer:  RockYou
Genre:  Social Game

What can be expected from a social game that is made by someone who used to specialize in the violence-centered hardcore gaming? One may be tempted to lower one’s anticipation out of instinct; but whoever has played the Facebook game named Ravenwood Fair made by John Romero, the pioneer in making first-person shooter games and an expert in hardcore, would know better.

And now his second game Cloudforest Expedition is just around the corner; and with the great popularity of Romero’s Ravenwood Fair as reference of its makers’ talent, this new game is going to make its appearance in the heat of the summer and players’ expectation.

Still in the alpha testing phase, Cloudforest Expedition has not yet been available in the market. Fortunately, more and more detailed information about it is immerging to the surface, making headlines of the online news to sooth gamers’ anxious waiting. And now let’s take a look at what has already known for sure about it.

Being a social game on Facebook, Cloudforest Expedition is said to be characteristic with intriguing exploratory storyline, more than satisfactory music and a more friendly and meaningful interaction among players beyond the traditional being inter-useful to each other.

Described as being story-driven, this game will surely consist of intricate designs on the entire scenes which may cover archeological puzzles-solving, adventure-experiencing and mystery-unveiling, etc. And in accordance with what is released, players will be able to act out a great explorer, male or female, to delve into the dense forest of wild trees under a psychic guide.

Venturing in the exotic wilderness, heroes and heroines will encounter greater danger as they explore deeper in the forest, but they will also have extra helpers besides friends, that is, the lemur that appears to be a cute yet potentially aggressive animal with bulb-round green eyes, a pricking-up nose and a puffy long tail. Being of great help, this little creature will help in blazing one’s way in the woods.

However, immersive storyline is not the whole story. Music, another strong point of this game, is equally drawn attention. As greatly emphasized by its maker, the soundtrack of this game is promised to be as excellent as never has turned out in any other games before. Also it seems that its music and story do not independently exist, but co-relate with one another to make a whole better game.

What is known remains conceptual framework. Listed among the ten great games of this summer, Cloudforest Expedition has great odds to beat the hot weather by ushering players into a cool world of adventure, of mystery, and of discovery.

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