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Release Date:  June 15, 2012
Publisher:  6waves and Nexon
Developer:  Playsaurus
Genre:  RPG, Adventure

Cloudstone is an adventure RPG where you embark on magical journey, learn special abilities, hunt for treasure, slay quirky monsters and explore the floating island of wonders.


Among all the allegedly cute animated games, Cloudstone is one of the few that deserves high expectations on graphics. The protagonist, enemies, and even the lovely creatures that do nothing more than fool around in dungeons are all lovingly presented. Varied dungeons, hilarious remarks by NPCs which only exist in stories and static pictures, and the comic book-style storytelling. All contribute to the uniqueness and attraction of this game.

The world consists of numerous dungeons, or to be specific, countless small rooms waiting for your exploration. They are pretty small – the time you spend in those dungeons may range from 10 seconds to several minutes – if you succeed and survive the challenges the dungeon has to offer, of course. Some of those rooms, though special and delightful, serve only as hubs between other dungeons and have no enemies for you to slay or treasures to collect.

Missions, regardless of their differences in descriptions and targets, all involve you in killing different monsters across several rooms. And the only way out is to take down all the Bloops, fat bats (which are so big and are unable to fly anymore), bleeb, bloop slime, mage mushrooms, sage mushrooms, spit flowers, foomgus, or anything else that is approaching. You are allowed to open every chest, pick up all the coins, break all clay pots, and destroy every grass and tree along the way to obtain gold and experience.

Players obtain one skill point to learn a new skill or to enhance an old skill after each level up. The skills belong to three classes: warriors, wizards, and monks, each with unique advantages and attributes. I am a monk, who can heal and launch quick attacks.

Enemy attacks result in loss of health points and once you don’t have any HP left, you are forced to select to revive instantly for 5 rubies or give up the present mission and start over or even engage yourself in other quests. There’s this special type of plant named Rejuvenation plant available sometimes that offers a full refill of the HP. And when that is coupled with my character’s healing skill, I have no problems in dealing with all the subordinate monsters at first, which kind of makes me wonder why all those are provided in a free-to-play title.

That question was answered soon. Before accumulating enough experience for reaching level 7, I found the current map – Sassafras Island – has no missions that are designed for my current level. The three tasks left are for level 7+, level 8+, and level 10+ respectively. With no other way to obtain experience, I took the level 7+ quest, which turns out to be my Waterloo forever. That very mission quests me with dealing with the Queen Bloop and yes, before that I have to kill all the subordinate monsters to keep alive. But I failed. For many times. And then I realize the game incorporates an energy system and every time when I start an adventure as required by a mission, two energy points are consumed. In that way, I soon run out of energy as expected. And the energy, though refilling over time, takes 10 minutes to increase by one energy point.

However, there’s no way for me to abandon Cloudstone for that. After all, girls don’t say no to cute graphics in a casual but still exciting game like this.

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  1. Guest says:

    This is a fun game and worth your time to play. It gets progressively more difficult in the upper levels with the addition of Champion Monsters. PvP had added another dimension of fun. Soon the energy requirements to explore the floating land masses will be dropped. You'll be able to adventure to your hearts desire. PvP will still require energy. The game is always changing and new content released fairly regularly.

  2. Medo says:

    add me Plz For Help iam Level 27 : Good Luck 🙂


  3. marco says:

    help me please i need gems i have 0 gems please help me

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