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Code of War

Code of War

Release Date:  02/08/2012
Publisher:  Huge Monster
Developer:  Huge Monster
Genre:  Strategy

Code of War is a Facebook strategy builder that offers a blend of several characteristics from modern popularized games. Generally, it’s strategy-based, which means it includes city-building simulation, doing technique researching to fend off invasions or launching aggressive attack.. What’s more is that the game involves real-time based operation requiring micro management and controls. The graphics feature comic book style which produces very quirky and funny effects. Even the pop-up information window that notifies you that you have been disconnected from the server is also amusing.


Most games inevitably involve a silly and monotonous action. For example, action games are always ending up with mouse and keyboard spamming; while in strategy games, for how many times players have gone through “build-loot-build” loop? But luckily, game producers are always thriving on unique or original gameplay conceit. That’s why Code of War seems completely anomalous among Facebook games. Huge Monster Inc. just launched Code of War and is welcoming participants all over the world to undergo beta testing. I just played it for a bit and it is really fun, I think it might sustain my interests for a while.

Right after you start a new game, you will be immediately assigned a tutorial mission to eliminate a minor scale enemy base by efficiently maneuvering your 5-rifileman squad. The game control seems to a bit awkward to work for me. Especially when you try to multi-select a group of units, in this occasion, you need to move the mouse while pressing the space bar instead of holding down the left button to drag the rectangular box. Once you finish the tutorial battle, you can start building your own base.

As in other strategy games (Lucky Space and Social Wars), resources are of great importance to you. So the priority is to deploy a gold mine, an oil derrick and a mental forge to make sure a steady economy run in order to feed up your military expenditure. How to place these buildings is crucial, try to put essential and fragile buildings in safe zones which are well protected by high HP constructions and defensive turrets. There are several game modes available. In the “Survive” mode, currently only zombies attack mode is playable. This mode puts you in the position of survive of endless zombies’ rampage, which works like a traditional tower defense mode: you clear the current wave and unlock the next one. As you promote your levels and ranks, other interesting scenarios will also become available.

The “Campaign” mode, contrarily, requires players to command your troops to achieve a variety of objectives, destroying enemy bases or eliminate Bosses. If you get bored with battling CPU, just go to the “Fight List” to test if you are able to break through the defense of a real player. Successfully demolishing a building will earns you some resources and Exps as rewards.

Besides the in-game cash shop holds a wide range of power-up items that players can purchase using Facebook credits. It sounds so sweet that most items can paid with either virtual gold or real world money and cash items are also moderately priced, which may not cause any imbalance gameplay. However, to purchase base extension items, you have to get your Facebook friends to join, or you cannot really expand your territory scale very much, which softly let me down.

Code of War is a very good game, which shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with RTS and desktop tower defense flash games. But it still surprising, given the fact that it plays better and looks better and is insanely addictive for me. And I can expect the steady growth in the game’s player base.

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  1. Michael says:

    The game appears DOA. An artist for the project is now working with me on WorldAlpha http://www.worldalpha.com

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