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Colony of War

Colony of War

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Mgame USA Inc.
Genre:  Strategy

Colony of War is a flash-based online browser game that delivers the same gameplay like Galaxy Online, TransForce, Global Warfare, and EdgeWorld.

My Preview on this game:

The first impression surprised me with its impressive graphics and nicely designed Trailers, and even I thought if I was playing Transformers Online. I changed my mind till I entered the game. First of all, it forced me to input my password not directly by typing, but by clicking the keyboard letters shown in the game interface. This is annoying for me.

With high anticipation, I managed to login the game. Well, I just created my characters and selected my faction. A short tutorial video brings up the game’s page that I am very familiar with. City building.

Ok, I quit because I am not interested in playing city building strategy MMOs in the web browser.

The Story for browser online game Colony of War

During the end of the 21st Century, the 3rd World War triggered nuclear strikes on planet Earth. Nuclear war caused many casualties and the land to deteriorate. With human’s instinct to survive, they started spreading out into space.

Now it is A.D 2627. Five generations have live and passed. After the human race starts moving into space, Earth has been abandoned. But people have survived in the universe by building space colonies. From this, new cultures formed, and each colony began to function as its own country.

For their colonies, people began fighting against each other to gain more essential resources to continue living in space. Eventually, many united and merged into huge alliances to overcome their adversaries.

The Terrans, a group of elite humans who stationed themselves closest to Earth, were living a wealthy life because of resources from the planet.

With their resources and power, they started to merge small colonies into their forces and became an empire called AUG (Allies of the Universe Government.)

Planet Earth has healed itself and now has started to flourish again. Seeing this, AUG announced to all the other colonies that Earth is their planet and none of others could inhabit it.

Near Mars, people who were living in the every sterile environment of the red planet to stand up against AUG’s declaration.

This caused many other groups to band together with them and another powerful force called UFISS (United Front of the Independent Solar System) was created.

To protect their own right to resources, they started fighting against AUG and another historical war began.
All humans have now allied with AUG or UFISS and fight for their beliefs. Young men become soldiers to stand up for their dreams or protect someone they love. Humans’s Quarrels seem endless as the fighting now continues in space.

But, while this chaos is raging, no one has noticed that a great danger is moving towards them…


By comaring Colony of War with many other games I knew, I found some similarities among them.

1 Transformers Online and TransForce Online have Autobots and Decepticons, while Colony of War has AUG and UFISS.

2, In world War 2 games, War2 Glory has allied forces and Axis forces, and Operation Gamma 41 has Free Confederation and Allied imperial Force.

3 Luckily, this is not a three kingdoms game, or I will be trembled, unnerved and impotent in frustration at the mere mention of browser games.

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