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Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  EA
Developer:  EA Phenomic
Genre:  MMORTS, Browser Game, Strategy

Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances (C & C:  Tiberium Alliances, or CCTA for short) is a browser-based strategy game developed by Germany-based Phenomic, which was acquired by EA on August, 2006. The studio, which is commonly called as EA Phenomic, managed to bring Lord of Ultima across the US and EU in early 2010.

In July 18, 2012, Aeria Games launched Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances on Aeria’s global network


If there is a game that should win your favor as well as consume your patience and enthusiasm both by its tedious and repetitive yet lighthearted gameplay, I bet it highly possibly could be Command and Conqueror: Tiberium Alliances. Every time I log in on an impulse, and leave crestfallen. But, I’m never reluctant to give up.

Taking a first glance, I find little flamboyant in Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances. The graphics are plain and to some extent rigid with the sharp-featured columns and items, touching the tender spot of what a strategy game lack of. But later on, when glittering treasures such as Tiberiums and Crystals are squandering in to charm my eyes and expand my storage, my interest is aroused.

On the surface, each little icon: the Crystal, Tiberium, Power plant, Silo, Barracks, as well as the central construction yard…stands randomly on the base carrying out their respective producing tasks. Oh, seems like the workshops of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. However, there are built-in tactics on the positioning of these settings, for example, putting the Stimulator next to the Power plant will generate bonus power and setting the Power plant aside the Refinery will produce bonus credits. Therefore, a strategically overall disposition of these factories is sure to yield twice the energy with half the effort.

Everything goes in right order under the guidance of the tutorial. Regardless of its concise explanations and clear directions guides, the tutorial is still more considerate than that of other MMOs. Basically, game makers have been rather economical in providing the tutorials – they guide me along a generally hasty tour through the game and then disappear, leaving me perplexed most of the time. However, the tutorial in this game is rather satisfactorily accompanying me throughout the gameplay, and patiently waits to prompt out until I complete a previous task.

While constructing my base, I Inadvertently notice that the base graphic is processed with a special effect of a pre-war atmosphere—the shadows of warcrafts are constantly drifting through, as if the enemies were prying into my base and ready to strike attacks on me at any times, thus creating a dynamically intense situation, and making me unintentionally fasten my pace of construction. How to describe this trivial and innovative design? Amazing.

But then, the game turns out to be a sourpuss. The original smooth progression begins to be entrapped in a hard place by the lack of resources. And thus I have to take other paths to accumulate resources – flinging my immature troops to the battlefields to gain those “precious and mean” rewards. It comes as no surprise that I have never missed a single shot in this primary phase, as is commonly experienced in many other games of the same genre. Due to my uncontrollable troop’s gallant performance, after a whole afternoon’s twists and turns, finally I could upgrade my construction Yard to level 7 and start to expect a more massive and expansive field to show my brilliance.

But my game tour comes to a temporary halt when I realize that to gather 250,000 credits and 140,000 research points for the construction of an additional MCV is totally beyond my capacity. Never mind, I can rally my force and wait for the next round.


Based on The Command & Conquer series, CCTA continues to expand its brand by absorbing new audiences who like online browser gaming, especially for those love Evony and Ministry of War.

According to the press release, the game started the first closed beta on December 15, 2011. And the basic gameplay, which still sounds like Evony’s, promises players a persistent ever-growing world where players should make good use of strategy, adaptation, and reaction.

Although the game is free to play, it requires players to purchase some premium items in order to get more advantages.

The game implements latest HTML 5 technology, letting players to play not only on the worldwide web, but on the mobile devices.

In the face of popular browser MMOs like Evony, Jagged Alliance Online and Forge of Empire, Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances ought to appeal to more than strategy fans and browser game lovers. Instead, the game should set more intriguing and innovative gameplay that meets the hardcore gamer’s expectations. Especially when a long-awaited title is coming out, they tend to become more exigent over the details and differences.

The PC and console version has been highly praised, and hopefully the browser-based version is not a disappointing waste.

7 Comments on Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances


  1. Gamer says:

    Getting research is the equivalent of grinding. Extremly boring

  2. Shadow says:

    250,000 credits and 150k research points for a new MCV? i wish. now it's 2.2m credits and 2m research points :/

  3. Ob1 says:

    Its too bad that you have to purchase the big toys to be competitive. I thought this was free……..right????

  4. Darth Demon says:

    i finally got attacked by an alliance member then destroyed him but i still havent talked to anyone just read post;s and such… someone let me join their alliance

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