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Thread: Introduce yourself in this thread

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    Introduce yourself in this thread

    Welcome to DotMMO community! Just reply this post and make a brief account of yourself.

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    hi i m new here

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    I would of thought we make individual threads regarding our arrival, but I assume it's different here.

    My name is Daniel Watts, I've been learning/coding websites for two years now, I would say I'm an intermediate beginner, I've been working with forum based software for 3 years, I would say I'm a Guru.

    I hope to achieve a position on the staff team, regarding;

    Forum Manager
    Moderation staff

    I hope to see this site populate in the near future, good luck!
    Coding Guru
    Forum Guru

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    Jan 2012
    in the house
    Hello! Newbie here, happy to be a member here

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    Hiya! I'm Micah, strategy game obsessor and gamer extraordinaire! I'm a co-writer at OSG1 blog, we feature articles and reviews on
    games as well as interviews with top players. It's pretty cool job

    Excited to get to know you guys! =^_^=

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    Hi I'm Marvin

    I play blackwood & Bell. I need more neighbors please. Thanks.

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    Hello I am Code01ai.

    first of all im a big fan of games like Super mario but im playing rpgs and mmorpgs aswell.
    im still playing eden eternal started at closed beta but stopped playing at lvl 15.
    i forgot my account details thats why i created a new account on eden eternal.
    pm me if you want to add me in ee.

    thats all !
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    Smile Game developer

    I am new to gaming forums. i am developer and create softwares. This time i created a Game tycoonwar an Online Business Strategy game. So i decided to join this forum and get reviews on my game site so that i can improve it

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    I'm Jill Sumner, a gamer, a programmer wanna be and a lurker.
    I am obsessed with RPGs, MMORPGs as well as SNGs

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    Hello everybody, new to the community just registared today

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