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    At the Korean Gaming Show G-Star 2011, NCsoft announced that they are now working a new title "Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance", which is based on the Lineage series. The game takes players into the dark fatansy world where hack and slash are no longer prevailing as a new battle mode called "Drag and Hold" gives it a new hit.

    To date, three classes have been announced: Warrior, Mage and arch-shooter. You can take a look at its screenshots and video at our Lineage Eternal feature page.

    Some players called it a diablo clone, while most of the players call it a new MMO without any tie to diablo. Anyway, the new game would give us more choice to choose to play games. For this part, that would be a good thing.

    Check out its additional functions at DotMMO's site.

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    This game looks really good.I hope this game will be released in eu :/.

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    wow - this looks really tempting! i will sure check it out!!

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    Do they release it at the Philippines right now?
    Cleaver minded

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