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Thread: List of Best Browser Games 2011

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    List of Best Browser Games 2011

    Below are some browser games that we have recently been playing. Feel free to add your games

    1.Hero Smash

    Hero Smash is another free to play MMORPG that is aimed to please all ages and many different people. It features many things such as cutscenes, on going releases and cooperative multiplayer. The game also has real time combat which is rare in browser based MMOs. The characters in the game are also highly customizable meaning you can change their looks and so on.The game has secret identities and PVP combat. The PVP combat is unfortunately not released yet but is coming soon. There is also a unique power skill system that will help your heroes grow. Overall, Hero Smash is a great free to play action MMO that is worth a try.


    Reignage is a free to play Chinese browser based MMORPG that is currently only open to China. Reignage is a military based RTS game where people will build up armies using their resources and then send them out to war. In the meantime, they will need to balance out their cities. It leads to a pretty nice experience but it does have its feeling of being a copycat MMO and feeling unoriginal. It has a nice hero system. Your hero is basically the person who is set to be at the forefront of your army. The battle system is extremely simple. First, you build up your city using resources then create your troops. Once you find you enemy and think you have enough troops then you begin the battle. The game has a lot of opportunity to be exploited and hopefully the developers put that to work. If you are in China, try out the game.

    3.Star Trek-Infinite Space

    Star Trek Infinite Space is a free to play browser based game that is yet to be released. The game is currently awaiting to go into beta phase and sign up ability has begun. Thus far, not much information has been released as fact but the game is set to be released in 2011 and is set in 3D. The captain of the ship is you and you will be controlling an entire force going into war with other factions and people. Other than that, not much information has been revealed but if you are interested in becoming part of the first group of people to enter this universe of Star Trek Infinite Space, then check the official website and sign up for the beta.


    Indomitus is yet another free to play MMORPG that is browser based and is set in the Imperial Ages. The game has great graphics and is similar to games like Age of Empires and so on. Although old,it offers good enough stuff for a browser based game. You can form tribes or clans and fight together against other players and allow for interactive fun. Growing in this game is done very easily but takes skill and good resource management. The game requires tactics and also integrates lots of fun. Overall, Indomitus lets people have an enjoyable time while letting the player use his brain.

    5. Castle Empire Online

    Castle Empire Online is a free to play MMORPG that is set in your browser and is inspired by Ubisoft's The Settlers. The game starts you off with a small village that has absolutely nothing but a few workers and resources. It is your goal to build it up into a great city and fight off other villages and enemies. A person has to manage his resources and servants properly then build up armies to fight for him. The person also has to make his citizens or settlers very happy by giving them endless resources and proper living conditions. There are also quests to complete that will reward money,experience and fame. Overall, the game is worth a try if you are interested in building and construction.

    6.Galaxy Online 2

    Galaxy Online 2 is a free to play MMORPG by IGG, a company that is quickly growing into a huge force in the MMO world. Galaxy Online 2 is set in space and has a great backstory. It is in the timeframe of the 28th century and humans have gone into war because of resources and money. You must align to a specific faction and work with your nation to fight and overtake the others. The graphics are amazing as it is not a high budget game. The game also has some nice quests that are offered all throughout your time in it. There is also a lot of upgrading and fixing up to be done. You can buy hulls, upgrade science, take over buildings, buy modules,become commanders and lead factions. Overall, this game has a lot of promise and if you are into space games,you should check it out.

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    Sword Girls just entered the closed beta testing phase about a fortnight ago. Published by ChangYou, this collectible card game (CCG) packs together different engaging elements, mainly including exquisitely designed cards, unique crafting system, different modes of PvP and deep strategies in gameplay. In it, more than 500 cards that are drawn with gorgeous anime characters are collectable via crafting give the fullest play to strategy, no matter it’s used in Dungeon mode against AI opponents or in Duel against other real players.

    Empire Rising is not strange to you if you have once played Seven Dragon or Ministry of War. Backed by a story about four-nation competing for ultimate hegemony, the text-based strategy simulation follows the typical format of the RTS, allowing players to build an empire, build up powerful troops and engage into scopes of war. Its building part is well-polished, embedding every construction quest logically into the main storyline; while the combat is equally good in that diversified modes are offered for players to loot resources, invade enemy bases, colonize regions to claim tributes or aid allies in both defense and offense.

    Call of Thrones is first of all much acclaimed by its full 3D gaming environment and smooth gameplay, which is realized via the adaption of Direct3d Plug-in. Also known as War of Thrones, it features the chaotic Three Kingdoms, an eventful historical period in Chinese history. The game provides four classes, distinguishable by the unique weapons wielded by each. Battles are turn-based, presented with animation that somewhat slows down the fast pace of fighting. At attack, players can freely choose to manually take control or leave it automatically to proceed.

    Heroes of Myth is the newly-released English version adapted by VeryCD from a Chinese 2D fantasy MMO. The game is heavily based on text that the bulk of the gameplay consists right in the story-driven quests. Although combative elements are also included in quests, the lack of control over action (due to the auto-attack design) simply takes the soul out of fighting, despite the varied setup of dungeons, broad attacking environment and the PK arena. Also, playable classes are limited to three types, a deficit which is compounded by the lack of in-depth skill tree and a rich item system.

    Family Guy Online is an exemplary instance of how a hit TV program can be adapted into an even more popular game. Obviously, it’s licensed by the namesake American cartoon series, Family Guy. Staring the very Griffin family, the role-playing adventure MMO, however, presents something different and innovative by putting the five-member family in an unknown island, hunting for treasure. And childlike humor will surely be preserved, shown in both quest-related dialogues and vivified scenarios (just imagine the PvP scene between Peter and a chicken). Moreover, diversified activities enable players to play their own style.

    The Mummy Online, licensed by the Universal Studio, is an action-packed adventure game made by Bigpoint on the basis of the Mummy film series. The game features a similar Egypt setting seen in the movie with 3D effect, and at the same time integrates major characters to the story-driven quests of exploration. Against the cinematic background, it will bring about both fierce PvP and PvE combats as well as enormous mystery-solving quests.

    Golden Age is a real-time strategy game that polishes its city-building and army-managing mechanics to an extent not usually seen in games of its kind. Set in a fantasy background in medieval period, it features a world of tumult, in which players compete to build up powerful empires via domestic administration and military deployment. It has several highlights, including expansive structure types to build, side-scrolling role-playing town for socialization, and deep strategy with great potential to tap thanks to its complicated military gameplay.

    Jagged Alliance Online has claimed much attention even though its closed beta testing still doesn’t kick off right now. Supported by the Unity 3D engine, top-notch graphics and smooth action are within expectation. Aiming high to make the best possible turn-based strategy, the game has its combat-related gameplay greatly polished in terms of variety and depth. Just see a few figures: it offers hundreds of weapons, over 60 types of mercenaries, more than 100 PvP missions and countless equipment.

    Star Trek Infinite Space, inspired by the famous TV series, is going to involve players into grand space war breaking out in the futuristic 2370. Supported by the Unity engine, it boasts a fascinating 3D graphics, displaying a sci-fi galactic scenery and identical space ships and fleets seen in the opera. Not only ships, famous characters such as Vulcans and Romulans are also embedded in quest. In it, players will act as commanders of Starfleet, taking quests, charting out the course to go through dangerous journey and fighting head-on in interstellar battles.

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