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Thread: Some questions about Lekool. It is serious!

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    Some questions about Lekool. It is serious!

    Q1, You just announced a game called Ninja Waz, but as we found, it has been published by a couple of publishers under the different titles, like Pockie Ninja, Mini Ninja Online. so can you tell more about why you prefer to publish this game on your platform?

    Q2, You have some browser games characerized by Chinese characters and cultures. For example Legends of Xian, Fantasy of sword. Do these games work well for American or European players?

    Q3, Judging from your website and some statistics from, we found Lekool is losing players day by day. What is your plan to regain new players and attract repeated players?

    Q4, There are many similar games on your platform like Caesary, Senatry, Warflow, etc, why not make a unique game for players?

    Q5, If there is a chance, are you planning to develop a game yourself rather than co-publish the game?

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    Very genuine questions, Indirectly you are helping many other guys. Keep doing such a great work.

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