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Thread: *IMPORTANT* Cheating Report, General Ingame suggestion

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    *IMPORTANT* Cheating Report, General Ingame suggestion

    I'll start with quote from Game Rules
    1. ID Management

    (...) All the IDs can only be used to enjoy the games. Making use of IDs
    to hinder the game is forbidden.

    Indeed, I had trouble finding a proper rule to cover what I was to write
    about, still someone else found this for me. The story will be about
    alternative characters.

    First off, It is time for honesty, without hiding anything. I know of some
    alts in my guild and outside as well.I personally have none.
    It never particulary bothered me, they just ware. However, not long ago
    real alt abuse began here.

    Three players created whole lot of those. Two of them, Daelian and
    DeathMaleck shared their accounts and used them to permamently keep
    themselves tortured in turns efficiently protecting themselves from being
    slaved. Still even 2 people can't be online all the time so when they
    really got slaved, they used alt they shared with yet another many alt
    person, Bia, to set themselves free.

    How did they do it? Easily, just loot yourself while you're without
    weapon, even lowbie alt can make it. How lowbie alt had them in attack
    list? - guild war. The thing is, their alts, they didnt put them in their
    own guild, they put them in rival guild, my guild and used my guild and
    very often me, to get them toured in Cave of Deep Thought. I'll explain -
    touring means a high level, 61+, takes two lowbies who can not make the
    instance otherwise to the party (40ish people) so that they can get strong
    for their level equipment and gather fragments for later. This way they
    ware somehow stealing money from the company for normal people, to get
    their equipment fast, would have to spend real money to buy extra entries,
    but instead they just made alts and traded fragments where they needed.
    But this is not end of the story. Appart from slavery safety and touring,
    they used them also in guild wars and arena. That way, 3 people :
    Daelian,DeathMaleck and later Bia too formed army out of themselves, more
    than 10 characters, to swarm on their enemies, slave attack and capture
    while supporting each other. You can ask hummingwolf and nOelf how they
    did that. I'm sure they have this story to tell more precisely than me.
    It that wasnt enough,they were still losing for a lot of people united
    against this, they made yet another thing. They began to use their
    alternative characters to vote on themselves (as far as I know Bia didnt
    take part in this but it may be just lies). This way they gained another
    bonus - kingship is important part of the game for if one reaches it 4
    times, he gains a lot of aditional honor points, used to upgrade gear
    daily. Becoming a vip for a week costs 80gil, this is why, to vote, normal
    player has to chose if he wants to spend that - 80gil is quite a lot for a
    weekly stuff, still they didnt use gil on their main account - why if they
    had horde of alts doing it for them! And yet again this is way to steal
    money from server, for to vote more than once daily, you have to pay real
    money, instead they just made more alternatives and no real money can beat
    that - after all there is no limit of how many could they do!

    So I will sum this up:
    DeathMaleck, Daelian and Bia used horde of alternative characters to
    - keep themselves from being slaved by players who can fight even the

    whole lot of their "clones"
    - used clones to destroy any oposition against them on any level just
    swarm attacking - hell face 3 people who just want your defeat and you'll
    understand (and no , they were too weak to handle me even in swarm but
    they did it to my friends and i wont allow this)
    - voted on themselves, without spending even 1 gil on their main, that is
    used alts to keep winning in election, no matter how many players dont
    want them to rule - they just made more alts.
    - used their alts in guild wars to repair walls and decoy atks
    - used them to make people who like to help others to tour their
    alternatives in caves, giving fragments to main characters once done
    - spied on rival guild using those (ok that doesnt change much)
    - rescued themselves once slaved with alt by unequiping weapon on main

    So If this is not breaking game rules, I ask you - what is? They
    efficiently reduce game makers earns, avoid paying for things and gather
    use all sorts of possible trickery to gain advantage - not through their
    real strenght but using alts.

    Yes, you may say I write is because I just outright hate them - it's true,
    their ways and mean behaviour also (well people on klickgame and playcomet
    s6 probably have to say something about this) made me convinced to fight
    them anywhere I can for this cannot be allowed.

    I know I used the trick of unequiping weapon to get free from slavery once
    or twice before (I waited for someone weak to just loot me), however I
    never used alt (which i dont even have!) to do so, it was decision of
    other player to capture me - however I'm still ashamed of myself I did
    that. I also know of people who use alts - but I never heard of them doing
    anything so vile and they have 1 or 2 alts ,not whole swarm! I personally
    tell alts i know to stay out of guild wars under warning that i'll
    personally expel them from guild - I will not resort to something like alt
    using. This is a reason why I write here. I could just do what they do -
    but it is blind circle - and not a way to solve the issue, I always try to
    play fair.

    Below, I'll add few images, images I gathered, that allowed me to belive
    that they do what I accuse them off. However, to decide that finally I
    expect help from You - the company people pay, the company people belive
    will keep the game clean of cheating and fair. I'm sure there are logs to
    detect it. If what I accuse them off is wrong, I will apologise.
    I'll also add that its DeathMaleck and Daelian doing the most of trickery,
    Bia realised his mistake it seems for he left after talking with me - it
    still may not be true however...maybe he just hides better, I cannot
    verify this as player,only You can.

    So , the images
    1)A fragment of conversation between me and Ubeiseaa - alternative
    character which DM (DeathMaleck) and Bia shared with. Right after Bia tol
    me it was DM playing on it. It's to prove how much of a liar he is.

    2) 3)
    Here we got Bia, accidiently at first, admiting he has many alts - along
    with Ubeiseaa, I'd like to remind it was Bia who told me DM played on
    Ubeiseaa and shared that account with him

    4) DeathMaleck playing on Daelian, trying to say he never saw them - well
    said since Tib freed him from slavery not long ago and he played on
    Ubeiseaa - even talked with me!

    5) When voting began - as usual - not too many votes , Sunday, 7 votes
    from me, 1 from gold from me, 2 from Bia (guess as a decoy,after all
    normally people vote more or less everyday if they do) and a surprise when
    you look down to DeathMaleck:

    6) But even before sunday, sudden voting spree on DM made me wonder what's
    going on, I took a look at their guild. Some entries turned out to be


    7) I added more active of them to enemy list to find out who is the vip.
    This is what i found.

    8) What does make me wonder is - a half dead guild, with generally
    speaking 5 people active at most, suddenly finds a group of members who
    all are:
    - low level
    - vips
    - slaving a lot
    - became inactive right when DeathMaleck left, 2 days ago
    - never talking and being basically ghosts (DM you're such an idiot, you

    cant even cheat properly)

    9) Let's take closer look at them

    What I expect is from what I write is that You dear Sir of Madame
    - give us official statement about such action being legal or not
    - check game logs, ip and stuff to give final proof of guilt or not guilt
    And from fellow players I expect to
    - discuss the matter here, tell us of strange things they've seen.

    And I know that You guys are busy managing the server - I can see that
    from image approval and would like to give you suggestion -> People could
    select their representative player to be GM who will help you doing your
    job for free, in simple matters like approvals.

    Thank you,
    sub leader of Heroes

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    Another alt maniac:

    Sherwinski, he's using alts trying to win in voting. Gonna add screens later.

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    we will look into your report soon. thx

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    Images to the case, not as much as i'd like but good enough:
    1 - him using alts in guild defense
    2- look at those alts being vips
    3- votes, seemingly he has 2 more alts - or used gold which i dont believe in

    Note, he's been doing that since a month but this week its more notorious - 4(i guess?) alts instead of 2
    And he has many more alts (certain, like elf1626, actually pretty large part of legends), just some went inactive (i guess?)

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