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Confrontation Web Card Game

Confrontation Web Card Game

Release Date:  September 26, 2012
Publisher:  UserJoy
Developer:  UserJoy
Genre:  Card

Confrontation Web Card Game is a Facebook-based card fighting game that plays extremely like Clash of the Dragons from 5th Planet Games. In the game, you need to build a squad of card heroes, typically known as deck, to battle against other enemies or play solo campaigns.

The game is developed by UserJoy Technology, a Taiwan-based gaming company behind MMO like Legend of Three Kingdoms Online and Angel Love Online.


At the time of training, how can you be so distracted? In the future you will be the new leader of the tribe. You must realize the qualities of being a true leader, and have the characteristics of being one. Distractions on the battlefield may only lead you to lose your life in seconds.

Despite this world is full of magic and science, there are also savagely and darkness. You have much more enemies than you have for friends. Soon you will realize that the road ahead is tougher than anything you would have expected…

After training, you have the ability to be a great leader. As long as you pass the final test, you will be granted with strengths and talents.


Confrontation Web Card Game starts with a detailed tutorial that guides players to get started with it very quickly, and even for some newbies, its all-embracing ingame helps and rules can be easily mastered. But its graphics and artwork is below average and even worse than you expected.

11 Comments on Confrontation Web Card Game


  1. Lotus Blade says:

    Well this sort of games arent about graphics or art – its about cards battles. The real fun will start when you finish main campaign and begin to play tournaments with other 200-400 players to get first place. But its not that easy – this game is PayToWin. If you not gonna pay cash – you will not be strong, even if you will grind like crazy – you can get only 1-2 tear cards by that matters and very very small chance for tear 3, but there is also tear 4 and 5 for real money spenders, so you not gonna win anyway.

    Game have energy system – so you cannot just play as much as you like. Most time you just repeat the same scenarios to get some coins, to buy random card packs, so basicaly, you gonna spend like 3 days to collect 4-cards pack and most of cards are trash.

    In battles the only thing that matters is "Luck". Luck of the draw, of special abilities, of placement… cus you know – inside battle you can only watch, player cant change anything while action begins (exept skipping it for cash). But yes there is a lot of things you can do with cash – buy energy, crystals, boss items, cards, packs of cards, game currency… just a lots of things.

    Only good way to buy packs is to wait for random lucky Sales Day, so you can save lost of coins.

    Maybe somewhere after a 6 month or so, free player can kill some enemies and get to probably best 18 players tournament grid, but not further, exept there was no PayToWInners with 1 to 400 chance.

  2. tarahumara68 says:

    ok Lotus Blade but don t you think all tcg need money? there s players that didn t spend money that have sucess in tournaments in this game, but that s true they are only a few anyway i like this game a lot, if you like tcgs, try it!

  3. Lotus Blade says:

    Well many ccgs do need money, but tell me please, what is a point to play ccg game if your succes depends 50% on luck and 50% on money in other words – your power depends on money and your win depends on pure luck? <- Thats about current game. I think you know about Yu-Gi-Oh, one of the best ccgs. Its Pay-To-Play, but to win in Yu-Gi-Oh, you need skill and lots of brains, only some money + little luck (but there is also nice offline version). Or, for example, "Urban Rivals" consist from lots of strategy and tactic without luck element at all, for exchange of money needs. But in this game, you need too many things and require no skill – you can lose to 20 lvl player behind you and win vs 20 lvl players over you only cus of luck, but you always lose vs money spenders with no chance.

    I know there are lots of money-sucker games, but look on LeagueOfLegends its real FreeToPlay, you can win without any coins spent. If developer really want – he can make good game. But this game isnt good at all – its time wasting. It bring you nothing. Each game must give something to player, but when you depend only on luck – you get only nerves lose.

  4. tarahumara68 says:

    for myself i don t mind to have no control over the fight: what i like is deck-building
    i didn t play warstorm but the players says that this game is the new warstorm
    anyway, this game need really less money than Magic or Yu gi oh
    and: if you like luck in a game, why not playing a classical game like chess or go?
    i myself play shogi on 81dojo 🙂

  5. tarahumara68 says:

    if you don t like luck in a game*

  6. Yoritomo Kurikaeshi says:

    Having played this now for a few weeks, I can say the following:

    If you're prepared to give it time, you absolutely can play this for free. The Skirmish system with rewards from Chests, daily slot-machine rewards, and regular tournaments for low-points decks will give you access to the power cards, albeit at a much slower rate than if you spend money. Look for Peaceful Cups (decks with maximum 20 points value), and Kings cups (maximum which limit the power level of cards to a lower level) which will allow you to at least compete against the bigger players.

    However, the deals for spending money are pretty good by comparison to some CCGs and provide bonus cards as well. Also, the Achievements system provides access to further higher-level cards with work, and as a final option there is the lucky-dip of converting lower level cards using Evolution.

    As far as the game play itself goes, I think it captures the deck building of CCGs very well – yes the game will sometimes result in a lucky draw causing an unexpected result, but the combination of traits and abilities can really reward smart thinking when deck building.

    Confrontation has become one of the few facebook games I have invested time (and now a small bit of cash) into and its been well worth it.

  7. ISayGoodDaySir says:

    The one thing that bothers me most about the Free to play games is the people who play them. These companies have given both time and money paying their staff salaries, paying for servers and advertising and yet, people constantly complain about how you can not be strong if you dont pay any money… My thought is this, every great game i have played in the past i have payed for. I had to buy those games, bring them home, put them in my console or computer and entertained myself for as long as the game lasts. I admit i have payed money for some of these free to play games and the reason i have done this is: I did want to get some more powerful cards and I also wanted to support the company who made this game which has entertained me for quite a while. If you have no intention of putting money into these games, keep your complaints to yourself because you are getting free entertainment and the pvp aspect is the only advantage the payed players have.

    IF you are not going to give money to these free to play games, well, beggars cant be choosers.
    IF you are going to give the company who took all this time making the game a little bit of support, then hey, you do deserve a bit of a reward.

    Thanks go out to you wonderful programmers who have been so kind to let us play your creation free of charge.

  8. this game is a pure money drop its a poor rip off warstorm its very limited as to how much you play cant really do anything unless you spend its in beta but really cant see it going anywhere unless some big issuses are fixed. i feel i’ve given it a fair shake at playing for month you get 25 matches with other players a day any more then that you have to buy its mostly energy based with a ccg/tcg isnt much fun there are tournaments but only 4 a day and unless you spend big your not going to come close to winning. if your looking for a game that your only going to play once or twice a day and put some money in to its ok but there and much better ccg/tcg games out there the fan page you will get some info but really your questions will be brushed off or some vague answer like im looking in to it . one thing i found strange is that nether cyanide or userjoy has this game listed in their web sites and that makes me think that as with alot of games on facebook anymore it will be ran until it makes a few bucks then dump it or close it. As far as the gap between free and pay players well every game on facebook is pay to win but this is to the point of being funny as they just nerfed a free player card and left all the pay cards alone.

  9. Tor says:

    I found this review cause iam looking for the artist name for the pics in the game cause they are Very good, and I read this "But its graphics and artwork is below average and even worse than you expected."
    They must have changed the graphics since the review was done.
    Not a matter of opinion, whats good is good.

  10. Dan says:

    Can someone fill me in on how to get involved in a tournament? I play daily and everytime I look at the tourneys, they are always closed?

  11. Th34gl3 says:

    This game is awesome, check it out yourself. http://www.kongregate.com/games/userjoy/confronta

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