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Conquer Online

Conquer Online

Release Date:  2006
Publisher:  NetDragon
Genre:  MMO, Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts

A fighter’s life is one to ten a life of struggle, marked by intrepidly admirable behavior during various types of wrestle. Conquer Online honors this combating lifestyle and promises to offer heroes contented battle ground to live out faith. What is Conquer Online? Let’s take a closer look at it.

Developed by TQ Digital Entertainment behind Eudemons Online, Conquer Online is an action-oriented martial arts MMORPG that is set against fictional, ancient China with in-game character classes all carrying typical oriental element. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the game client, you will have three options to play the game: HD, Stardand and Low. To be exact, the game is designed for those gamers who own PC with low configuration.

Acher, Ninja, Taoist (fire and water), Monk, Trojan and Warrior are the six classes that players can choose from to role-play. Needless to say the class specialty, each can also get promoted before the stage of rebirth, once Level and Item reach the requirement. Take Ninja for example. A ninja of Level 15 can gradually upgrade into Middle Ninja at Level 40, Dark Ninja at 70, Mystic Ninja at 100 and Ninja Master at 110, all promotion bringing about different awards too. Moreover, this game also boasts 18 different styles of weapons and 38 unique skills for different classes to learn and excise.

However, behind all these ostentatious numbers indicating in-depth gameplay, this originally combat-centric MMO turns out to be downwardly off balance among all classes. What represent the two extremes are the class of Trojan and fire Taoist, with the former suffering most due to the slow timing, fast reflexes and occasional hand-eye coordination in excising necessary skills of Fast Blade or Scent Sword plus common health and little defense, while the latter too powerful to be fun with instant, serious damage ensured by simple right click the target. It is definitely not pleasant experience to be defeated by an opponent with worse equipment and in lower level simply because of the differences in class.

Apart from the balance issue, what is complained most are the out-of-date graphics and repetitive gameplay. It can be said that its graphics improve little from the basis of the original design in 2003, which is certainly a disappoint to players of 2011 who have seen and experienced games with far better graphics, 3D or 2D. As to the repetitiveness, it can not be thought little of. Given the rebirth system meant for gamers to play the game once again, what’s the point of it if the life before reborn is already a bore?

This game does include diversified and in-depth mechanic, no matter it is the wide variety of classes and career promotion, the social interaction through trade or Master-and-apprentice, or the varied PvP modes ranging from the common solo or group competition to Guild War, PK tournament and other forms of inter-server PK events. However, as an action-oriented game, what does it have to offer when the core of combat goes wrong?

Updates: Conquer Online will soon be delivered on on the App Store for the iPad. And it may help NetDragon score more $$$.

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  1. gabriel says:

    brasil e muito bom jogo

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