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Conquest of Thrones

Conquest of Thrones

Release Date:  2011/12
Publisher:  Now2Play
Developer:  Now2Play
Genre:  MMO

Conquest of Thrones, also known as War of Thrones and Call of Thrones, is a 3D browser MMORPG published by Gamewave, one of the most famous publishers in China. It turns out that the game cannot be ubiquitous more than Crystal Saga and Pockie Ninja only in China.

Unlike those distinctive MMOs in terms of graphics and controls, Conquest of Thrones primarily boasts a 3D environment with a mini plugin installed.  Produced in a quaint, unsophisticated style that gives its setting the reminiscence and vision of Chinese culture, Conquest of Thrones is a MMO combining PVE, PVP, Skill system, and Costume Exchange.


Although the game is set in ancient China, the specific dynasty isn’t told or hinted anywhere ingame. Only the “Three” options of birthplace for character-creation serves as a reminiscence of the Three Kingdoms.

Registration is simplified to an extreme extent, requiring just an email and a password (No need verifying the email). After a brief downloading, it took me just an eyewink to enter the game and get myself immersed in a breathtaking picture and background music. The picture contains a clean road lined by a series of hills. The waterfalls down the hills are not violently spectacular, but in a feminine, quiet manner. Such a view evokes thinking about the final self-esteem rather than any utility idea or move.

Maybe somebody thinks little of graphics, music and even character image when the gameplay is relatively enjoyable. But for someone else, especially for some difficult hard-core gamers that have bee setting the trend for developers and potential beginners that are opened to all entertainment means but hardly attracted, graphics, music, image are life, soul, blood and everything! Especially for role playing games, how I look, what an image (or personality) I love, kill and befriend determine the content and extent of my experience and determine how deep I dive into the role.

Take me myself for example; I am timid and clever at the same time. But if you drop me into a world beautiful enough, I can forget about myself, about all negative possibilities of myself. I feel less pain or no pain when injured. I feel no shame to be killed in such a scene and no guilt when I kill others. If ever a game promises me that I can upgrade my appearance along with all the upgrading of any gear, pet, mount, weapon, book, knowledge, profession, fame, skill, troop and my attribute, I will invest money with no hesitation! I believe I am not alone in this type of reaction. I hope I am allowed to have my eyes opened wider and more shining in a smiling way, in the game. But many many games offer common faces for me to choose from. I don’t know why a game must be so shy and cruel to gamers, as if games are just for learning and training for reality purposes. In fact, to be glad just in the game is enough! To be good in the game is near success! Thousands and thousands of boys become clever or cleverer through game playing!

I choose the second hairstyle as it’s possibly the only smiling one. I cannot find a satisfactory waist and shoulder type for myself, as all the options show a overly broadened shoulder and flat waist, as if they are pulled loose by a Hercules and stuffed with concrete for fastening. Take a look at Elvis Presley, the most handsome, and Michael Jordan, the most athletic one. Their shoulders are not that broadened at all. And, I want to add, it’s no problem to be thin or fat. Flat chest can be nice and healthy, too. But the bust offered for female characters is disgusting! Look at the face! It’s plastic, not flesh, not warm, not alive, making me wonder if it’s made of stone and never aches when injured. If images in a game are near real, the killings amount to crime and failures amount to injury and the game will become a crime inspirer?

The music is terrific, but a little harsh if listened for long, as if it’s played by a poor peasant music fan. However, I am grateful to hear a number of typical Chinese instruments like guzheng (zither), gong and drum, accompanied by noises from birds, insects, ocean waves, and some unknown mysterious sound. It rises and falls and reaches the remotest hills. Good! I need such music for every travel coming and going.

Pet system is useful and meaningful for me. It prevents me from feeling lonely or helpless. And when I run on foot for fights or back from fights, it seems something is absent: a mount! I feel elevated when I got a horse. You can imagine how elevated when it comes to a Kirin or phoenix. Actually I prefer the former: Kirin, a modest and kind-hearted animal extinct in ancient China. It’s said that when kirins are killed by villagers, Confucius( a Chinese philosopher ) feels he is taken apart and his kindness-oriented politicalview is failed. That’s to say, this is an animal that touches your heart. If you meet a mild-looking beast that spits fire, it’s a Kirin. Phoenix is too aloof and elegant to me and, it has no expressive eyes!

This is a generous game as it’s spar takes me to level 15, which, although still involves no profession and army-forming, has exposed me to a wide variety of NPCs and stunning sceneries(head-down rocks, seashore bridge, bamboo wood and so on) and inspired my desire for further adventure. Apart from wolves, apes, rabbits and large bandits, a mantis impressed me the most. Such an insect, defined as a lovely tiny creature at other times, can be no less awesome than a bloodthirsty ape. You are convinced of a type of cruelty that’s exclusive to insects immediately you meet it. You have to kill this tiny creature as you know it can be cannibal! Good choice! This game has done a good choice about enemy-NPC.

Translation, personally speaking, feels a little lengthy. I expect more shortened and simplified even broken sentences, only if it can be understood and with real meat. I feel entertained to see lines that sound ethical and understandable. Greetings from human NPCs are humorous and teasing in a Chinese style. But when I create a male character, I still get challenged by:”you have so beautiful eyes, I’m sure they can fetch a good price!”And this male soldier runs with hips dragging and wiggling. I am glad to see characters relaxed this way. I hate NPCs and characters so serious as if they are all scared and watched by us players. There must exist many many more characters, personalities and irrational types in games than in real life. You know a big part of gamers have come for adventure, where witnessing special or irrational things passively is no less important than level-climbing actively.

Lines of dying Human NPCs also amuse me, some (“so painful”)telling their physical pain, some (“so powerful”)expressing their desire for power, some (“master is calling meeee…”)announcing their loyalty to master, some (“I am dying”; “I don’t want to die!”)show a reluctance to die. It’s amusing and reminds me of the success result, or I cannot decide if I have killed anyone since all dying NPCs have their body or clothing clean (no blood) and intact (no scar). Most of Those helper-NPCs are good-looking and I like to stop to make a face-to face contact with them, excluding one: my immediate superior, who is designed like an Egyptian.

As to weapon system, I created four characters to try the four options one after one. You have to delete an existing character and wait one day to create the fifth character. My first choice is polearm, as I imagine lifting up my victims with its tip or other killing gestures since it’s not about western weapons like guns or cannon. However, no other gesture is involved than a simple falling down.

Then, allow me to give an example of what I have learned about weapons, according to my own understanding. One handed weapon is easy to handle and easy for the warrior to approach the rival who are holding a weighty weapon. But when the rival’s weapon is handy and long(like polearm), one-handed weapon is useless or weakened. You cannot even turn to the rival’s back as he can also turns around swiftly. Some weapons are powerful and weighty, needing to be handled with both hands. But it will be shielded by two-wield weapon, as the rival holding one weapon for one hand are naturally good at defending.

As to skill and strategy, I don’t these two topics are exclusively for old players. I have my own choice even as a newbie. I tend to use the higher skill for the first attacks to see rivals weakened and frightened, and the rest work is falling them down with lower skills. Among poison, defense and healing skills, I choose poison without a second thought. Because I am here to play, to experience, I want to check what I can do with poison. It must be something that can terribly strengthen my attacking intensity, because according to my personality, I feel terrified if my first attack fails to kill or dramatically weaken others, just serving as an exciter of the rival’s morale. In strategy planning, my top priority includes calculation of all materials or human resources and any other form of preparation and scout (if effectively realizable in the game). Playing a Chinese game, you should apply the Chinese way of thinking.

I am confident that, compared to other beginners and newbies, I can recruit more soldiers, form larger troops, become known more quickly (to the world and officials) and reach a profession and win my own land sooner. To be a noble adventurer or to be a king? It all depends. And I have a lot to learn all along the game.

This game is worthy of our try, for its extensive landscape, antique buildings, a large number of systems and 50 levels, which brings limitless possibilities, and the last, for the Chinese military philosophy and martial art!

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  1. Washington says:

    This game is closed, they took a lot of peoples money & shut down the game.

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