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Continent of the Ninth Seal

Continent of the Ninth Seal

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Webzen
Developer:  Webzen
Genre:  MMORPG

Continent of the Ninth Seal is a free to play MMORPG by Webzen, the maker of Arctic Combat and ARCHLORD X. The game was firstly unveiled in GStar 2011. In Feb 2012, the dev team invited a few editors to test the game.


The latest action MMO Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9 for short) immediately reminds me of the currently best received Vindictus. Also, there are hints that ever since C9’s closed beta was released, developers of Vindictus could no longer rest easy. For them, a mighty rival is approaching.

I would not like to linger on the “epic story” of C9. In stark contrast with that of games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, it provides information of little value, as far as I am concerned. Even so, it is worth spending some time a day engaging in this entertaining game. For one thing, there are frenetic and fast fights, to be distinguished from those that simply drive you to mindlessly bash the keyboard. For another, you are able to traverse through the vast space in C9 via portals, instead of laboriously walking merely by foot, in order to perform quests in different dungeons. The dungeons can be reset to ensure that you can always have a clean start. Besides, they possess varied difficulty levels, and can be expanded each time when a quest is accomplished.

Limited classes

Only three classes are available in the beginning: Fighter, Hunter, and Shaman. At level 20, subclasses will emerge: Warrior, Guardian and Blademaster belong to Fighter; Assasin, Ranger, and Scout to Hunter; Ementalist, Taoist, and Illusionist to Shaman. By far, the fourth class Bullet Shooter has just been announced, with possible skills like magic attacks.

If you expect that to set a target and to let your offensive repertoire function with the keyboard and mouse are fairly enough in the battles, then you’d better detour to other common MMOs. In C9, you have to be more hands-on: jump, run, and dodge sideways to tackle with your target, etc. Still, a small part of the attacks can be carried out by use of the keyboard, such as the mana shot. As for more complicated and demanding actions, the keyboard-mouse combo is suggested.

You can further customize your character with various skills achieved by the cost of your skill points. Perfect skill combos will undoubtedly add to your competence in battles. By the way, passive skills such as starch and mana should not be ignored.

No peer pressure

Competition among players is not emphasized in this game. From the first simple dungeon all the way to the toughest ones, you are not required to take partners with you. In some tasks, there are AI companions, with whose participation your confrontation with the enemies will become fiercer.

However, I am not saying that to have real players as companions is not preferred. At this closed beta phase, there are numerous players flowing into this narrow path. Good chance to encounter nice guys, right?

Weapons are everywhere

No matter how you advance in the game—depending on yourself or joining in guilds, you should bear in mind some tips on attacks. The more attack combos you make in dungeons, the higher scores you will get in the end, and the more keys you will gain. You can use the keys to get the chance for opening the chests. I bet gradually things hidden in the closed chests will become the biggest temptation to you.

During the battles, you can not only strike attacks on your enemies directly, but also lure them to the traps, where spikes shoot out of the ground from time to time, helping you sweep your opponents in large quantity.

It is a pity that currently, in terms of the in-game facilities, C9 has not caught up with Vindictus, where players are able to shoot the enemies from tree trunks, barrels, water towers, etc. What’s worse, when you ride over and find some prey, most of the time you have to abandon it and press the “runaway” button.

The graphics

I am not sure whether it is appropriate to describe the graphics this way. Outside the dungeons, everything appears fairly pretty. The infrastructures in the village are orderly arranged, and my character looks just as I’ve expected. However, inside the dungeons, things turn out to be rather different: the coarse texture of the circumstances largely lowers my enthusiasm, and the awfully figured enemies make me feel as if I am contacting with some simple geometrical figures. Therefore, I wonder if there will be some visual improvements in the game this year.

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