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Contract Killer: Zombies

Contract Killer: Zombies

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Genre:  Glu Games

Contract Killer: Zombies is a free iOS game developed by Glu Games. The goal of the game is to search the zombie-infested city to stock up on supplies, save survivors, lead them to safety, and kill all the zombies drawing near.

The game requires players to install an app with over 441 MB in size due to the large amount of data to download. You are able to use the left virtual analogue stick for movement and the right fire button for opening fire. Also, you can zoom in or use the cross-hair for targeting.


The story of “Contract Killer: Zombies” is simply mediocre and average. The world is threatened to be overrun by zombies. And you, as one of the brave survivors (called “Shooter”) are damn good at shooting the walking dead and zombies. That is the narrative of the game.

My first mission to get some supplies from a storehouse and bring goods to the helicopter. The supplies include food, guns and ammo, which is not enough to keep me alive. After I have my mission finished, I was rewarded with ammo, Dollars and XP. I just follow the primary mission to shoot the zombies till I realized that the mission and shooting mechanics are pretty much identical to that of Jagged Alliances online. And it is even greater than JAO is.

For all of good things in Contract Killer: Zombies,  the control feels outstanding no doubt thanks to its convenient and handy settings that let you shoot the zombies in the first person perspective. I quickly got used to use my fingers to control the weapons and switch between pistol and scoped weapons for nearby and long range targets, respectively.

Annoying is that you can buy many weapons only if you invest real money. For the game itself is free – but soon, it becomes very difficult if you just want to get on with purely virtual game currency, because many of the powerful weapons are very, very expensive. If you want to get a good weapon from a wide range of weapons (gun, Mgs, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, shotguns), you must spend your real money buying.

Conclusion: there’s no question Contract Killer: Zombies is a good shooter, even if there are a lot of competitors coming out every day.  But the game is also quite difficult if you want to touch on more missions. Overall, it is a well-implemented, entertaining game with a few minor weaknesses.

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