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Cook Hero

Cook Hero

Release Date:  March 8, 2013
Publisher:  RapaZapp
Developer:  RapaZapp
Genre:  Simulation, Match-3

Cook Hero is a Facebook-based tile matching game developed by Germany-based RapaZapp. In this game, players match plates and bowls, clear ice blocks, move salt and spicy to the exit, and unlock recipe in their own cook book.


Similar to Jewel Epic, Cook Hero offers scores of levels where players match the tiles and achieve goals including scoring 4000 or clearing all the ice blocks in the board. Only by completing those goals can players unlock subsequent levels. And every time players fail to accomplish those goals, they lose a life and once they run out of lives, they are unable to play any level and have to wait for the replenish of lives, known as energy in most social games. In that case, players could either pay real money or ask for friends’ help to obtain extra lives.

The new game revolves around kitchen and cooking. It features plates and bowls of vegetable, fish, salt or other materials instead of shiny gems. Aside from the occasional unlocking of recipes that reminds of the cooking theme, players “study” in a cooking academy and then travel to China, France, USA and other nations to learn how to cook renowned regional cuisines.

Despite its special theme, Cook Hero bears a strong resemblance to Jewel Epic. All the ice clearing, varying shapes of boards, diversified challenges and even the life consuming mechanics ring a bell in the minds who ever played the former title.

In spite of the likeness, Cook Hero separates itself from Jewel Epic and other tile-matching games in many ways. The pictures starring fish and fried eggs are too distinctive to be mixed up with those in other titles. And the demanding goals that quest players with attaining 2000 scores within 2 minutes, or swapping the spice to the bottom offer exciting and unique challenges. Any time players clear some bowls or plates from the boards, new ones appear sometimes from the left, bottom or right, which adds much more fun into the experience.

However special the game is, it is sometimes crippled by the characterized but never really charming pictures and the frequent response failures. Anyway, how could it be dazzling if there are merely these raw materials and ingredients? And there are many times when the game doesn’t respond for a while after I successfully match a few bowls or plates, in which case I have to wait for the flash to function again. Although there is no need for refreshing, the frequent pauses sour the whole gaming experience.

Cook Hero mixes classic tile matching with new twists under a unique Cooking theme, and it winds up with such a compelling and engaging gaming experience that despite the unattractive visuals and constant response delays, it stills appeals in an irresistible manner.

3 Comments on Cook Hero


  1. Paula Manrow says:

    stuck on level 79 for a month and no help getting frustrated with the game

  2. Chrissy says:

    Stuck on level 59! Waiting to leave America…I have level 59 and 60 left in the US.

  3. Earleen Graham says:

    I can't get on game on Facebook, lost all my utensil's, for help.Cook Hero

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