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Core Blaze

Core Blaze

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Gamania Digital Entertainment
Developer:  Gamania Digital Entertainment

Core Blaze is a free 3D fantasy MMORPG mainly targeted for Asian players, the game was announced earlier June, 2011. In September this year, Gamania invited gaming journalists to access the game before the official release. Check our preview.


Set your feet on the macroscopically oriental fantasy world, carry out your ventures on the marvelous land of distinct flavors, glut your eyes with their unusual topographical features that have been formed through thousands of years’ operation of nature, embark on your exploration on the historical remains which might have been left untouched, and accomplish every epic quest that is waiting ahead! All could be found in the upcoming action MMORPG Core Blaze.

The game, designed by RedGate Studio and published by Gamania, seeks its theme from the eastern mythology and adopts the Unreal Engine 3 as the graphical basis, which lead to both the mysterious elements as well as magnificent scenes pleasing to the eye, and the forthright delight from smooth and fast-paced martial arts action to the heart.

Various factors such as the combat styles, weapons, battlefields, monsters, the players’ levels and even the objective environmental elements all play their irreplaceable roles in this game. As the publisher Gamania claims, any minor alteration of these factors will result in “a new quest and outcome”. Accordingly, even though you enter the same map at a different time within the same day, you will have to face with a distinct scene and overall arrangement and come up with new strategies.

As for the weapons, four varied classes of weapons are provided in correspondence with the intensity and range of the battles. Namely, they are Sword and Shield, suitable for short-range melee attacks; Great Sword, with its collapsing force used in wide range attacks; Dual Blade, applied to launch a series of constant strikes; Long Bow, the all-powerful archer used both in battles of both small and large-scale as well as for both first and secondary lines of attack. Choices among the weapons are at the maximum unrestrained. In the light of different levels of the battles, you can choose the compatible arms at your will. What’s more, weapons are exchangeable even when the battle is about to take place.

Furthermore, “esprit de corps” should not be ignored in this massive-player game, as emergencies and accidents could happen at any time. A team is usually composed of up to four players. More often than not, it is the collaboration of different weapons, skills and strategies of different players within the team that counts more in front of instances.

19 Comments on Core Blaze


  1. asdasdasd says:

    its 2011…… XD

  2. Darkwhite says:

    its 2012 now -.-

  3. asd says:

    >is not out yet.

  4. remoted says:

    its ben to long now hen it is gonna to be realse ……?

  5. remoted says:


  6. YEAHBUDDY! says:

    THIS GAME LOOKS SO AWESOME!!! I don't usually play PC games, but this is an absolute must! :]

  7. hruhrur says:

    Sometime in 2013 🙂

  8. orangex says:

    Is 2013

  9. Daniel says:

    dear god………. why it not out

  10. ajkilla says:

    wow iv ben try to download *facepalm*

  11. wasd the wadafak says:

    2013. -cough cough-

  12. ramoted says:

    it might come out 2020

  13. idan says:

    its 2013 now and i still cant find that dowload button-_-

  14. OGC says:

    Feels like VindictusEU

  15. Smith says:

    This game is dead. 2013 is almost over and not out yet. People done forgot about it.

  16. Julez says:

    2014 now.. still not released

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