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Core Blaze Preview

Sara Lau
Sep 20,2011  01:09 by

When Taiwan-based Gamania announced the new MMORPG game Core Blaze, many people grew concerned about its prospects because as we all know, Asian and European players have different preferences. The former would like to do with repetitive monster-bashing in virtual worlds while the latter asks for challenging tasks and innovative features, at least according to our findings from community. But clearly, Gamania was aware of the differences while developing Core Blaze, consequently, this new game holds great potentials.

Instead of developing a cliché MMO based on known schemes, developers from Gamania wants to tread new paths with Core Blaze which is centered on action-packed battles and rounded off by Unreal Engine 3, so the game boasts not only thrilling content but also sophisticated graphics.

Nevertheless, the game can not shake off its Asian roots: bulky warriors dressed in Oriental-style armors are wielding giant axes or swords while roaming about in a persistent open world. Though there may be some unaccustomed features, you should not forget that the title is being developed primarily for the Asian market. If you look at it from this point of view, then Core Blaze is surprisingly “European”.

On the Gamania Game Show 2011, the press was gathered for the first time and allowed to pose questions about this new MMORPG. At the debut show, one of the four classes, namely, the Hunter was revealed. During the exhibition, we saw an intrepid hunter foraying into a dark cave that was crisscrossed by tangled tunnels and wooden frames. The scenario alone may look a bit boring, but you will be impressed when coming across hordes of dangerous creatures that you must slay so as to continue your adventure. This sounds like a simple dungeon crawler, but in fact, it only constitutes a small part of its extensive content.

Even in the character creation phase, we notice a small difference to its competitors of the genre: instead of choosing your class from several options, you select one of different types of weapons, thus laying the foundation for your future path. So far, we can choose one from Dual Blade, Great Sword, Sword and Shield Long Bow, all of which possess pretty unique names and images. Conveniently, you can switch to other type later in the game, and besides, you need no new heroes to level up. Though a guild has access to a significantly deficient tank, a member can simply use a sword and a shield in combat. It is quite strange that when I played, everyone in the group wielded the Dual Blade. It was not really clever, but it still worked, as had been shown later.

The major content of Core Blaze can be basically summarized as action-packed combat without a break. At the beginning, the title is a bit reminiscent of Dynasty Warrior, but soon it turns out that a bit more attention and tactics are needed in this game. During combat, enemy attacks must be dodged because you will be doomed with a quick death if the wrath of too many enemies is unleashed against you. To prevent the desperate situation, I can only recommend you to firmly grasp the gamepad, including the classic version with a mouse and a keyboard and the controller. The controls are mainly intended for two motives: first, you can achieve a lightning speed by pressing a button; second, you can wage harmful attacks against your enemies with the press of another one.

High speed is necessary because you can quickly lose track of time in countless battles due to the stubborn camera and the overwhelming hordes of enemies. And you should also know that most trips will end up in failure if you have no proper consultations and interactions. To overcome ferocious monsters, you can resort to either acquired skills or accumulated tricks. For example, you can take advantage of available bombs and scarecrows by unfolding them on the road and lighting them with a torch. In this way, the invading swarms of monsters will be easily burned to ashes.

Finally, our group gathered at the Hunting Cave to challenge a gigantic blue-colored tiger cat with huge fangs and red mane. If you fail to cause severe damages to it, it will be stimulated into a fit of wild frenzy and take the most hideous revenge. And due to the absence of a tank, our members died one after another at regular intervals. Fortunately, everyone will be revived after ten seconds on the spot without any far-reaching punishment. Blessed with luck, we eventually managed to bring down the giant monster. At the Show, someone suspected that the version had been specially adapted for the press, because it was quite easy to win the fight. Perhaps he is just too awesome at playing. Anyway, having completed the first instance, we agreed that Core Blaze deserved our applauses.

As for the graphics, the game also deserves my applauses. Due to the implementation of Unreal Engine 3, Core Blaze presents a detailed and realistic environment where players can wander about freely. And in terms of gameplay, it shares many similarities with that of SevenCore and Vindictus. In essence, Core Blaze can not be called a typical anime-style MMO from the Far East because of its grim, brutal experience.

But I have not seen the whole game yet and it’s hard to evaluate an online game after a relatively short session, so the above remark only counts as my first impression. Still, you can keep this marvelous game by Gamania in mind. My adventure to Hunter’s Cave is truly an unforgettable experience, and I strongly recommend you to explore that place along with your friends when Core Blaze is finally available.

Interested players may have to be patient for a while because the game is scheduled for its official release in the second half of 2012. But it is definitely worth the wait!

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