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Cosmic Colony

Cosmic Colony

Release Date:  August 23, 2012
Publisher:  GameLoft
Developer:  GameLoft
Genre:  Strategy, Building

Cosmic Colony is a mobile galaxy building game that takes place in the year 2088 when your mission is to colonize distant planets across the galaxy. In the game, you are assigned to a destination: Mochwoi, a little known world in an unexplored sector of space, to establish your research station and shelter to accomodate more people working for you, and to help you ultimately accomplish your dream of being a great Cosmic Colonist.

The game is developed by Gameloft, which publishes games like Monster Life, Kingdoms & Lords.


Cosmic Colony is yet another city-building title that’s landed on iOS. And to some extent it stands out.

You start from a small portion of land, build factories, businesses and houses, and gradually make the money for expansions and other actions – that can be seen in so many games out there. But, you are this time attempting to colonize a newly discovered planet. That’s why most of your buildings and decorations and almost everything else on the map are somewhat cutting-edge and exotic and your citizens would all be astronauts.

In most social games such as Galaxy Life, factories produce materials you need. That is still the case in Cosmic Colony. But the production mechanics are different. In any of the factory, you spend the money and a spin would start, by the end of which you will obtain three products. Each factory can produce three varieties of products and the ones you get after each spin are a random combination of those products. Therefore, there is a high chance you won’t amass all the products or materials you need before you have a few spins. Yes, that’s exactly what a simple slot machine looks like.

The spins add twists and surprises to the otherwise dull clicking and producing mechanics. But slot machines are not the only things you will be reminded of while playing Cosmic Colony. There are times when pirate spaceships come by and it is your responsibility to take them down. And guess what, this time it feels like “Pirate ship Ninja”: you are to slash the pirate ships that come from any direction and at the same time avoid the bomb ships.

Once in a while, you can also send you spacecrafts into space to discover valuable resource. As you level up, you will unlock more planets for you to explore. However, the flights are far between each other. Every time you’ve send one craft off, you have to wait more than twenty hours before you are allowed to send another one.

Also, you will constantly run out of energy before you are done with collecting all the necessary stuff. You don’t just collect them to amass the specified materials required by the quests; you will have to gather something before you can finish the constructions of stadium, fountain, café, police station, and other structures. Fortunately, you will always know where to produce those things. And though it is in fact slot machines you are dealing with, you can still finish the collection quickly enough.

Anyway, Cosmic Colony fuses city building, slot spinning, fruit slicing and light space exploring and ends up being a somewhat interesting complex. Although it doesn’t possess anything novel in gameplay, Cosmic Colony can be a game where you occasionally drop by and have some fun.

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  1. Ryzone says:

    I enjoyed the cosmic colony, but after using it for a month, it stopped working. Everytime i tried to open the game, i heard a vibration sound and then it would not open. Frustrating especially since i had built a big colony and was getting ready to buy the University.

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