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Counter-Strike Online 2

Counter-Strike Online 2

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Counter-Strike Online 2, a direct sequel to Counter-Strike Online (usually abbreviated as CS), is developed under the partnership between Nexon Korea and Valve.


Counter-Strike Online 2 is a gripping first-person shooter which will surpass the enormous success and glory of its predecessor, thanks to its enhanced game mechanics as well as more game options. The characters are not conjured out of wild fantasies or based on some legendary folktales; on the contrary, they are all inspired by real elite combat squads from all over the world, such as ST-6 (Seal Team 6) and SAS (Special Air Service).

The world is constantly assaulted by vicious terrorists who kidnap and slay innocent people for no good reason. Our compatriots are suffering in horror and afraid of being the next victim. It is high time that you came on the scene, rescued all kidnappers and shot all terrorists to death! One of CS2’s highlights lies in its wide range of weapons. Different from other FPS which offers all sorts of weird arms, CS2 provides you with well-crafted guns and bombs that can find their roots in real life.

More importantly, depending on the type of your weapon, you can quickly adjust your role in the team as a sniper, a scout or something else. There is also a selection of game modes, including Hostage Rescue, Escape, Death Match and so on. To complete those cutthroat missions, you will explore many a setting, ranging from urban metropolises to remote deserts. CS2 will be first launched in Asian countries. Whether it will be open to us still remains a question.

8 Comments on Counter-Strike Online 2


  1. YZNALORD says:

    i nyeu hier

  2. MMORPGFREAK says:

    That will be real shit..

  3. ahmed says:

    amizing game

  4. HACKERz says:

    yeah i sure that cann't play just for korea

  5. Ranger says:

    Cunter strike online 2 sucks,i prefer counter strike online better because loads more weapons and character and maps,include many of the modes! Well you see counter strike online 2 has no each other weapons,and the weapons just like in counter strike source,and only a few characters and mode! I hope that counter strike online 2 is just for korean! And btw i dont like it,i like counter strike online more than counter strike online 2!

  6. wth says:

    hello I am a GM(admin) in Korean Counter – Strike online. well counter strike online is also made in Nexon South Korea. well if there is Counter -Strike online 2. The Counter -Strike online won't be upgrade fast as before
    but thanks for loving Counter -Strike online. well if we can see you on counter strike
    from -GM sonyozombie

  7. Du stinkst says:

    how i can play it ???

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