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Cradle of Magic

Cradle of Magic

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Cradle of Magic is a classic MMO role-playing game on Facebook. The world of Cradle of Magic is set in a fantastic continent of sword and sorcery, where the two opposite factions have been vying for dominance over the land for hundreds of years. Until now, they were forced to interrupt the centuries-old war for a while, as they would have to join hands to repel the demons hordes.

In the game, you have a character to develop, build up a fort to fend off monsters assaults or take quests for bounty. There are several areas in the town to visit including the town hall for a job, the temple, the arena, the shop, and other areas. In the town hall, you can take the quests to raid over demons. You are allowed to schedule the raid with a specific time frame, the longer the time frame, the more likelihood you will be rewarded decently.

In the tavern, the owner can introduce game mechanics to you. So if you are new to this game, the tavern is a worthy place to hang out. Besides, the owner can also tell you how to make money with contracts, which is a truly innovative and unique game mechanic. Annoyed by attacks of the grasping aggressors? Now you can place huge bounty on their heads and see how the power of the gold will restore justice.

The bulk of the gameplay revolves around battles against other Facebook users. You can seek out weaker, stronger opponents or those whose level doesn’t differ much from yours. It all depends on you. The combat interface is the highlight of this game with nicely-polished combat animations. However, the combat screen is so small and you are not even allowed to stretch it to full screen, it is very disappointing. The other downside here is that you can only fight once every fifteen minutes, which is a ridiculous amount of time for Facebook games because of their casual nature. You can buy Runes with premium currency to decrease the time to five minutes, but I doubt most of you guys would like to spend cash on a mediocre gameplay experience. Overall, despite the slick combat animations, the long waiting between fights and the small screen ruin the gameplay.

In the game shop, you can purchase new weapons, armor and potions. However, there isn’t much decent stuff to buy until after you reach level 3. Shield, helmets, amulets are also available from the shop for your character. You can also have a pet which is needed to be fed several treats per day. You can take it with you to the battle. But remember to treat it nicely, otherwise you will have to pay for resurrection of pet.
The game has a decent soundtrack, during fights there are some nice sound effects of two swords clanging against each other and successfully landing a hit upon the target. The display of the animated character is really sweet because you would immediately see in full size how these equipped items look on your character. The town also looks quite nice, but it’s also ruined by the tiny window. A larger window would improve the game a great deal and make it worth playing. Overall, the game graphics are on the plus side and the interface is neat and clean.

Cradle of Magic has all the decent elements that you would expect from a Facebook game, but it fails to deliver. The game window is far too small and there isn’t much else to do while you are waiting for the countdown to the next available battle. The game has some decent character customization options, which can be shown on your avatar. Cradle of Magic is worth playing although there still exists some trivial shortcomings in the current stage.

Official Facebook App http://apps.facebook.com/cradleofmagic/

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